Bead and Crystal Necklace woven during Hurricane Sandy

I have been working on a kit for a bead and crystal necklace.  This is the beginning of that concept, but I still need to do some more work before I come up with the correct formula.  This piece was woven on a hand painted silk warp.  The warp was meant to extend a lot farther past the woven part but it came up short.  I had imagined it would hold a spray of beads and crystals.  So that was lesson number one.

This is the piece while on the loom.  The light was lousy because it was during the heart of Hurricane Sandy and we had no electricity!

These are some off the loom photos:

The following two were taken this morning where there is slightly more light and the colors are true.

The focal bead is porcelain with two small porcelain beads on either side.

Now to try another piece but with larger beads.  The beads I used were size 11/0.  I am going to try a piece with size 8/0 beads and the same size crystals.