Mirrix-Ware: We’re bringin’ it back!

A few years ago Mirrix President Claudia Chase came up with a fantastic idea: Have Mirrix owners share their love of Mirrix Looms with their friends and neighbors in exchange for credits that could be used in the Mirrix Store to get more goodies! These sessions could either be one-on-one or “Mirrix parties”. The program was fairly successful and quite a few Mirrix enthusiasts earned enough credits to treat themselves to lots of fun Mirrix stuff. However, the program seems to have fizzled out recently and we’re ready to bring it back!

Show off your Mirrix

Show off your Mirrix

Visit our website to learn more about how the program works and start earning your Mirrix credits, OR see a loom in person by visiting one of fantastic participants, today!

Email elena@mirrixlooms.com if you’re interested in signing up!

New Loom Options!

Three of our looms, the 8″ Lani Loom, 12″ Little Guy Loom and 16″ Big Sister will now come two ways. The first way: WITH the shedding device and the second way: WITHOUT the shedding device. That’s that. The price will be reflected in whether or not you get the shedding device and, if you do decide not to, a shedding device can always be purchased separately.

Little Guy Loom

Little Guy Loom Without Shedding Device

Big Sister Loom Without Shedding Device

Big Sister Loom Without Shedding Device

The 12″ Little Guy Loom without a shedding device will now be sold for $225.00 and the 16″ Big Sister Loom without a shedding device will be sold for $250.00.

Please note that previously we were offering these looms without a shedding device but WITH  a bottom spring kit at the same price. This option is no longer available, but the bottom spring kits can be purchased seperately.

Bead Loom, Kit & Class Package

What’s the perfect gift to give any craft-addict? A Mirrix Loom, Kit and Class package gives any  bead lover everything they need to get started weaving including a class that will lead students through everything they need to weave a beautiful beaded bracelet with the kit provided.

loom, class, kit package

The package comes with a 5″ Mini Mirrix Loom, a stunning Desert Beaded Braclet Kit and and the online class.

The class will be offered in January (6th to the 27th), February (3rd to the 24th) and March (3rd to the 24th) of 2013 and will function much-like one of our famous weave-alongs, but private. We will also archive these classes in case someone can’t participate at these times. Once a class date range is chosen, paricipants will get an email once a week for four weeks walking them step-by-step through the set-up, warping and weaving processes. Instructors will be available to answer questions via email throughout the class.

This kit includes:
-One 5″ Mini Mirrix Loom 
-One Desert Braclet Kit
-One private online class with Mirrix’s Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok (a sign-up link will be sent with your package)

You can learn more and purchase the package here.

Weaving Beads -It’s Easy!

There seem to be a lot of people out there who think weaving beads is difficult. The goal of this blog post is to show you that, really and truly, it isn’t.

At the bead show we just attended I demonstrated the basics of weaving beads to many people and they all seemed shocked at how easy it was. When I told people that bracelet I wore for most of the show took about an hour to make (from warping to finishing) it often came as a huge surprise.

It’s true, there are a lot of advanced bead weaving techniques that can be used on a Mirrix and a lot of stunning and complex projects that some of our customers do. BUT… there are also many, many easy projects that can be done too, and with gorgeous results. Weaving beads isn’t hard, we promise, and our goal at Mirrix Looms is to prove that to you with easy projects and lots of available instruction.

I know, I know, it seems scary. All those warp threads and springs and dents and warping bars… if you’ve never warped before it can be a little overwhelming. The truth is, though, it isn’t hard at all. Start with a thin piece and you’ll learn fast. Tie on to the warping bar, go over the top of the loom and into one space in the spring, around the front to the back and when you hit the warping bar again, go back in the direction you came from. Continue doing this until you’ve warped as wide as you want and then just tie off onto the warping bar. It really is easy and we have lots and instruction available including our great warping .pdfs!

We talk about all kinds of bead weaving methods: The no warp-ends kit, the shedding device, combining beads and fiber… But the fact is that weaving beads at the most basic level is as easy as stringing up your beads, placing them behind your warp threads and sewing back through the other way. So easy that the other day an eight year old did it after only being shown briefly how it’s done.

Finishing Warp Ends
Nobody wants to finish their warp ends which is why we’ve come up with lots of ways to avoid that.

Try our Affinity Bracelets, our No Warp-Ends Kit or our Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelets for easy-finishing fun!

Have questions? Feel free to email me anytime and I can answer any bead weaving (or tapestry) related questions you have!