Choosing a Tapestry Weaving Loom: Wood Frame or Mirrix?

Screen_Shot_2016-04-27_at_8.51.48_AM.pngWhen you are a beginner at anything, it can be a struggle to decide how much of an investment you want to make in that pastime. I remember when I first starting doing yoga I was hesitant to spend $60 on a nice mat. What if I only used it once? Was a $15 mat just as good? Should I just rent one at my studio instead? I'm sure most fledgling tapestry weavers have this same problem. Should a beginner invest in a Mirrix? Won't those wooden frame looms work just fine? 

The answer is different for everyone. Some people decide to get an inexpensive loom to test the waters and then upgrade later on. Others want to start with the best from the beginning. Either way, you probably want to upgrade to a professional-quality loom once you know that tapestry weaving is for you (and we're pretty sure it is)! 

Here are ten reasons why a Mirrix is a big upgrade from a basic wooden frame loom: 

1.) Tension 
Tapestry weaving needs very tight, even tension. This is difficult to get on a basic frame loom. On a Mirrix, you will have perfect tension every time and you can adjust it as you go. 

2.) The Mirrix Shedding Device

The Mirrix shedding device makes weaving faster and easier. Instead of weaving each weft over and under the warp threads, the shedding device lifts half of your warp threads so you can easily bring your weft through. Click here to learn more about the Mirrix shedding device. 

Check out the video below to compare weaving with and without a shedding device.

3.) Variable Sett

When weaving tapestry, it is important to be able to correctly space your warp threads depending on what warp and weft you are using. On a Mirrix we have several different warp coils to choose from so you can weave at different setts. 

4.) Size Options & Portability 

From our 5" Mini Mirrix to our 38" Zeus Loom, we have a loom size that fits your portability and project size needs. While our smaller looms are all very portable, even our largest loom only weighs 15 pounds. 

5.) The Mirrix Community 

When you purchase a Mirrix, you join an amazing community of weavers. From online classes and webinars to weave-alongs and free projects, being a part of the Mirrix community will keep you inspired for years to come. Want a taste? Join our Facebook group!

6.) Accessories & Kits

From the Sitting/Standing Loom stand to our Loom Extenders and the amazing Spencer Power Treadle, we have accessories for all your weaving needs. Plus, we have kits (like our Mini Tapestry Wall-Hanging Kits) to provide inspiration and instructions. 

7.) A Lifetime of Enjoyment

A Mirrix Loom is built to last a lifetime. Our looms are made out of high-quality materials. The copper and aluminum frames won't warp like wood. While your Mirrix may need to be polished once in a while, it won't need to be replaced for many, many years. We have been in business for nearly 20 years, and our first looms are still going strong! 

8.) Service

When you buy a Mirrix, we'll be there for you long after you make your purchase. Need advice on a project? Want some inspiration? Not sure how something works? We're always happy to help! 

Additionally, our website has tons of information to get you started (and to keep you going) including beginner's guides, videos, tutorials and free projects.

9.) Versatility

From tapestry weaving to bead weaving to wire weaving and free-form fiber weaving, Mirrix Looms are incredibly versatile. While you may want a loom just for tapestry, it's always nice to know your loom can do much more! 

10.) Made in America

Not only are Mirrix Looms made in America, but our manufacturing facility is housed in a really amazing place that employs some really amazing people. You can learn more about Sunshine House and Mirrix Looms here.


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