Weaving Therapy & A Mini Tapestry

On Sunday night, my grandmother passed away. It was not unexpected, and she lived a full, happy life, but it has still been very difficult for all of us. Two nights ago, my husband was away and I had a rare evening to myself with nothing pressing I needed to do. I had been thinking for a few days about making a tiny tapestry on the Mini Mirrix and thought I'd take the chance to try it out. I instructed my husband to make me a gin martini before he left, this was my grandma's signature drink, and took out my loom and a tangled bag of Paternayan Yarn. 

I warped the loom with the No Warp-Ends Kit, turned on the television and started weaving with no clear plan. 

It was wonderful. 

I hadn't felt so relaxed in days, maybe weeks. Perhaps the martini had something to do with that, but I think it had more to do with the weaving. It was exactly what I needed. 


I know some of our customers have woven tapestry using the No Warp-Ends Kit, but I hadn't tried it myself. I wouldn't want to weave anything too thick using the bars we currenty have in our No Warp-Ends Kits, because the tension might be too high to keep them stable. However, they work great for a thin piece like this one. 

The best part of using the No Warp-Ends Kit is that finishing is super easy. Like, REALLY, really easy. 

Here's the final tiny tapestry. I'd like to make a few of these and hang them all togther. 

Tell us in the comments, do you find weaving therapeutic? Have you used the No Warp-Ends Kit for weaving tapestry? 

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