A Tall Mini Mirrix

Our customers are the best because they are so creative and are always coming up with new ideas for the Mirrix Loom. One such customer asked if one could use the loom extenders on the Mini Mirrix. My first response inside my head was no way. And then I paused, reconsidered and found a Mini Mirrix and some threaded rod that must have come from a loom I took apart for some research. I do have a pair of regular extenders, but I wanted these to be a little shorter. They were exactly the size I wanted then to be: one foot.

So how does this work? Obviously the Mini Mirrix has no legs. Well that's the point, you aren't going to be standing it up. You will either lay the loom down on a table or prop its bottom in your lap and lean her against a table.

Let me show you how this looks.


Alice in Wonderland surely!



The cords that come with the Mini Mirrix are not long enough to accommodate the extenders so we have two options to get your Mini warped with extenders.

First, you can add a set of small clips. Aren't these adorable?

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Or, you can buy additional Texsolv cord to get the length you need.

When you purchase loom extenders for the Mini, you have the option to add on more cord or the mini clips at a discount. 

After I wove on the Mini with extenders, I discovered they can be used on the Lani Loom as well. In this case, you will need to add an extra leg for stability unless you decide to rest the bottom of the loom in your lap and lean it against a table or clamp it to the Mirrix Loom Stand.


How many inches can you weave with this set up? My piece will be 40 inches long! The maximum weaving length on the Mini Mirrix without the extenders is 16 inches. The extenders add 24.

The math for the Lani Loom is: 24 inches of weaving length without the extenders. The extenders increase it to 48 inches.

What can you weave on the Mini Mirrix or Lani Loom with extenders? My go-to project seems to be straps for things such as purses and guitars. Long thin strips also make a great edging on weavings that you want to turn into functional items such as purses. You could also make them into reins or attach the strips to reigns. Why not turn a lovely woven strip into a dog leash or a lead rope for a horse? You will be the envy of all those dragging around plain store bought leashes and lead ropes. You could use them for tie-backs for curtains. They could also be turned into a necklace or a wrap bracelet. You could also sew strips together to make a pouch. Use them for a hatband, necktie, suspenders and, of course, a belt.

We would love to hear what you use your Mirrix woven strips (beads or fiber) for.



You can purchase your own Mini Mirrix or Lani Loom loom extenders here and can purchase our new Tall Mini Mirrix Starter Package here.

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