What Can Be Made on a Mirrix Loom?

Mirrix Looms are versatile frame looms meant for tapestry and bead weaving; but with their great tension, 8 different available sizes and a myraid of available accessories, you can weave more than just jewelry and wall-hangings on a Mirrix! 

What project can you make on a Mirrix Loom? See our list below and tell what we missed in the comments!

Want to see some real life examples of projects woven on Mirrix Looms? Visit our Your Work Gallery (the image here shows just a few projects from this gallery) to see some amazing work made by Mirrix customers! 

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Share Your Work!

One of our favorite things here at Mirrix Looms is when customers send us pictures of their work. From first projects to professional masterpieces, we love to see the skill and creativity in the pieces you create. 

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We Want to See Your Work!

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Share Your First Piece!

Our "Your Work" Gallery is an amazing place to see all kinds of work done on Mirrix Looms. From beginner pieces to work done by professionals, there's a wide range of beautiful work on display. Check out the gallery here.

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