Silk Ideas

We have chosen the recipients of free hand-painted silk for our mini contest (click here to learn more about this). We were going to only choose two, but had such a hard time deciding that we chose three. Felicitous, Kaleigh and Pinar are our winners. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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Crowdsourced Yarn List

I was born a yarn snob. It's inevitable when your mom is a tapestry weaver. When you're putting as much time, love and energy into something as you do when you weave, you want to use the best materials you can. But let's face it, when you're just beginning with tapestry, figuring out what to use for weft can be difficult and confusing.

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Visiting Handweavers Studio & Gallery in London!

Earlier this week Claudia and I took a little trip to London. While there, we stopped by
our only UK dealer, The Handweavers Studio & Gallery. We initially met Wendy, the owner of Handweavers, at the Salem, OR Northwest Weavers' Guild Conference a few years ago and they have been selling our looms ever since.

The shop is located near the Finsbury Park tube station. When we exited the station and began to walk, it started to rain and then tapered off to a drizzle. I felt like I was back home in Seattle.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Handweavers was that wonderful yarn-store smell. You know the one. Handweavers is the kind of place where you want to spend a whole day looking through endless skeins of yarn and their impressive selection of looms.

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Embroidery with hand painted silk yarn

This is not about weaving. This is about embroidery, which I decided to learn how to do because I wanted another way to play with my hand painted silk yarn. I can only do so much embroidery. Weaving is gentle on my hands but embroidery seems to anger them after an hour or so. It's mainly my left hand. My thumb has to grasp the cloth (maybe I need one of those wooden frames that hold the cloth?) and it doesn't like it. I am thinking I might combine the embroidery with weaving. For example, doing embroidery on a weaving. You don't see much of that. Once in a while a tapestry weaver will add some embroidery to achieve, for example, a thin vertical line without having to weave double weft interlock, which can be a real pain. I am sure there are other examples of embroidery on tapestry, but it's not that common. That will be my next adventure.

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Working with handspun painted yarn in tapestry

My daughter-in-law spins gorgeous yarn. Which makes me very happy.
Because, sometimes a skein or two finds its way into my studio.
Recently, she spun Merino and silk and dyed it turquoise and purple, separated by short sneezes of sunshine yellow.

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