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Hello again! I'm back, hehe. I received my awesome Spencer Treadle a couple of days ago and I'll share more about why I love it soon, but for now I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know what I'm up to these days.

I just moved back to British Columbia with my family after six years between Montreal and New York City where my partner and I earned our respective degrees. I wasn't sure how I'd feel moving back to a small town (we are really in the boonies) after living in cities for over 15 years, but I must say I am over. the. moon. It has been such a stark contrast to New York in every single way - from finding a home on day two of being here, to the fact that I'm writing this post from my larger-than-my-NYC-apartment deck with a view. And for the first time since I graduated from my textile degree I have a studio (!!!) Yesterday I taught a small group tapestry weaving workshop in it and it felt so good to have my own art making space to welcome people into. I just feel so blessed right now.

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It's Weaving Wellness Month At Mirrix Looms!

This year, my New Year's resolution is to do more of the healthy, rewarding things I love. While most resolutions don't stick, I think this is one that will, and I hope you all will join me on my journey by focusing on spending time doing the one thing that connects us all here at Mirrix Looms: Weaving. 

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