Looking for a Gift for Crafty Kids?

Why are Mirrix Looms the perfect loom for children? The answer is: the same reason Mirrix Looms are the perfect loom for adults. Because they work. They work really, really well.

Would you paint water colors on newsprint?

You could try, but most likely your masterpiece won’t get the kind of attention it deserves because your paper will be dictating the outcome, a not very good outcome. Paint water colors on water color paper and you masterpiece will sing its own praises. You can and will go wrong with inappropriate or inferior materials and tools, but you will never go wrong with high quality materials and tools.

When choosing one loom over another, sometimes price is a factor. Considering how much money one ends up spending on good materials the cost of a loom, even a high-end loom like a Mirrix, is actually minor in comparison. You lay out money once for your dream loom and then you spend the rest of your life filling it up with beauty. It never breaks. It never goes out of style. It never disappoints.

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