Weaving Wellness Month: Ergonomics

Welcome to Mirrix's fourth post as part of Weaving Wellness Month! Every Wednesday this month we have featured a blog post related to weaving and wellness. 

Today's post is by tapestry weaver and teacher extraordinaire Rebecca Mezoff. In it she discusses ergonomics for weavers. 

Rebecca Mezoff retired from occupational therapy after the 17 years of showering with other people (fully clothed!) got to her and is now happily messing around with yarn full time. She still lectures on ergonomics and maintaining health while creating with fiber. If interested in further information, she is teaching a half-day class called Creating Without Pain: Ergonomics for Fiber Artists this April at YarnFest 2016 in Loveland, CO. You can find out more about Rebecca and her goofy exploits on her website and blog at www.rebeccamezoff.com.

Creating without pain… or how not to let your loom get the best of you

I used to be an occupational therapist. For seventeen years I handed out advice to many people and finally decided to take my own advice and do what I loved most. I left the field to become a full time fiber artist. But my OT skills have come in handy when it comes to keeping myself healthy. Body positioning while weaving is only the tip of the iceberg of maintaining our ability follow our fiber pursuits for decades more. But let’s start there anyway.

How should my body look while I’m weaving?

That depends on many things. The first is what kind of body you actually have. We have all heard the advice that when seated our hips, knees, and ankles should be at 90 degrees and our head balanced over a straight back. This is not realistic and probably isn’t even the best position for your spine. Best practice now indicates that a slight recline with back support while seated is the best position for your lumbar spine.

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