Tapestry is Weaving but Weaving Isn't Always Tapestry

You've seeing these adorable woven wall-hangings on Instagram and Pinterest and you're ready to take the plung e to learn how to make your own woven art. Maybe you take a class on a basic frame loom or you make your own loom from a picture frame and follow some instructions you find online. Now, you're ready to take this craft to the next level. What's first? A high-quality loom! You've heard of Mirrix Looms, but they're tapestry looms... is tapestry the type of weaving you're interested in? What exactly IS tapestry?

Tapestry is...

This means you can see the weft (the threads that go across the loom horizontally) and not the warp. Imagine a piece of woven fabric. You can usually see both the warp (the threads that go around the loom vertically) AND the weft. With tapestry you are actually COVERING the warp threads with the weft.

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The "Not Afraid of Color Project" Part II

Sometimes you have the urge to do something crazy and fun and break all the rules. That's what this project was all about. I won't call this piece a tapestry because it isn't. It's a weaving. A weird, colorful, fluffy weaving. After we dyed the yarn for this piece (more on that here), we got to warping the loom. Here's Claudia warping so I could take pictures: 

Here's the loom all warped and on a stand. I don't own my own Sitting/Standing Loom Stand so I haven't used one very often, but weaving this piece with the stand made me want one. 

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Win The Tapestry Bracelet Kit for Weave-Along 24!

Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along is a FREE online event. In it participants will learn how to make a beautiful tapestry bracelet. This weave-along was designed specifically for beginners who hope to get some extra support learning basic tapestry skills.

To learn more about this fun (and free) event, click here.

Want to win the weave-along kit? 

(If you already purchased the kit and you win we can either issue a refund for the full cost of the kit or send you a second kit.) 



TO WIN: Tag a friend you think would like to take part in Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along on [ONLY] one of the following three posts:

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Winner will be chosen at random on June 1st and contacted via social media. Contest ends at the end of day on May 31st, 2017.

Good luck! 

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How to Add Texture to Your Weaving

One of the reasons that I love textiles, is because I LOVE texture and am always looking to find new ways to bring texture into my weaving. A good place to start is with a chunky yarn, in the video you'll see that I"m using roving, which makes great texture, and is also very forgiving because it's bulky. 

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Tapestry: Art With a History

It has been said that painting is the poor man's tapestry. This probably seems anomalous to most people, but if you've seen a castle-wall-sized tapestry, you get it. Imagine being able to afford one of those!

Until recently, I had only seen pictures of ancient tapestries and they didn't seem nearly as breathtakingly amazing as they are in real life. 

The first few of these awe-inspiring pieces were at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I walked into the climate-controlled tapestry room and I swear I had to hold back tears. I'm not one for Stendhal Syndrome, so this took me by surprise.

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What Can Be Made on a Mirrix Loom?

Mirrix Looms are versatile frame looms meant for tapestry and bead weaving; but with their great tension, 8 different available sizes and a myraid of available accessories, you can weave more than just jewelry and wall-hangings on a Mirrix! 

What project can you make on a Mirrix Loom? See our list below and tell what we missed in the comments!

Want to see some real life examples of projects woven on Mirrix Looms? Visit our Your Work Gallery (the image here shows just a few projects from this gallery) to see some amazing work made by Mirrix customers! 

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Studio visit with Janna

Hey there,

I'm changing it up and trying out a video post in a sort of podcast style to see how it feels. Sorry about all the snapping sounds in the background - it's the fireplace crackling.

In this update I talk about my terrible habit of weaving with no design in mind, I share a bit of the history of Everlea Textiles, and show you why I'm weaving my next tapestry design on its side. Below are links to the items I talk about.

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What's your New Year Weaving Resolution?

We here at Mirrix Looms want to wish you the happiest New Year!  New Year beginnings always remind us to slow down, re-think where we have been and certainly show us where we are headed. It is also a time to focus on change ... What do we want to leave behind and what do we want to take into the new year with us?  

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"The Feather Project"

In October, we launched a mixed media challenge called "The Feather Project" and encouraged Mirrix owners to try weaving new and different materials on their looms.

It was a call to think outside the box and an excuse to make mistakes. 

Below are some of the amazing mixed-media projects that came out of this challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated and especially to those of you who have allowed us to share your work and comments! 

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The Delights of Gold Thread

I remember perfectly the day I bought that first cone of gold thread. I kept it in my lap and would
not put it down for hours. I was enthralled. I sat in meditation wondering about all the creations I could squeeze from this new fiber.

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