Warping is No Longer a Challenge!

Warping a Mirrix can sometimes seem intimidating to new weavers. Because of that, we came up with an easier way to warp called the "Easy Warp" method. This technique can be used for any kind of weaving you can do on a Mirrix from tapestry to bead weaving. 

With the "Easy Warp" method all you do is tie your warp thread onto the brass screw in the upper left-hand corner of your loom. Then, you wrap your warp around your loom, placing your warp in the spaces in the spring at the top of the loom as you go. When you're finished, just tie off on the other side. It really is that easy and ANY Mirrix Loom can be warped this way! 

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The Age-Old Question: Is Warping Easy?

Today I got an email with a question I get every day and still haven't quite figured out how to answer: Are Mirrix Looms easy to warp? 

The short answer is yes. The basic concept of warping is very simple: you wrap warp around the loom. There are different ways to warp with varying degrees of difficulty depending on if you are using the shedding device, want continuous warping, are using an add-on kit like the No Warp-Ends Kit or Extra Warping Bar Kit, are using our Easy Warp Method, etc.

The long answer is:

1.) Warping ease is in the mind of the beholder and depends on experience. Once anyone has some practice warping it becomes second nature. You just have to develop the motions and relax enough to get even tension. It is much easier to get even tension on a Mirrix because of the continuous warp method. 

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How I love the warping process!

It is definitely the holidays and I am trying to create a mini tapestry to be framed for a friend as a gift.  Not sure I will complete on time, but I am sure going to try!  As I began warping my Zach loom this afternoon, I decided to sett my linen warp at 12 epi with a linen warp and a weaving width of 4". I wanted to do a little hemstitching on the edges of my mini tapestry, so linen seemed to be the perfect fiber! I found some incredible shadow box frames with a 5" x 5" opening, so I am excited to see how this all turn outs.

Each time I begin to warp, I question myself if I am doing it right.  I can't tell you how many times I have warped a Mirrix loom, yet I find myself unsure and always want to refer back to Claudia and Elena's instruction video on You Tube! They take the time to explain the process carefully and slowly with you. 

Today I found my way to Elena's video, fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and began the warping process.  I was just reminded of how much I love this process ... to me it where all the project planning comes to life.  The warping process always comes back to me quickly, but how nice it was to glance over at my You Tube and have Elena instructing me.  I wonder will I ever NOT need the video to warp??? 

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A different way to use your Mirrix

Okay, so I know Mirrix has introduced a new and easy way to warp up by wrapping the warp around your entire loom as oppossed to making a u-turn using a warping bar, but I wanted to share a similar method that I dreamt up. I'm sure some of you Mirrix users have thought of this, too. My thinking is that many people will eventually move to warping up the original Mirrix way, but that using one of the alternatives is less intimidating for people who are new weavers.

The gist of my method is tying your warp yarn to the bottom beam of the loom, wrapping your yarn around your entire loom as many times as desired across, and then to finish tie it to the bottom beam again. It's essentially the same way I instruct you to do on a pipe loom, here. In this method, in lieu of being able to make one long weaving by advancing it (as with the original Mirrix warp up meathod), you plan on doing two small weavings - one weaving on the front warps and another on the back. So, when you're done your first weaving you simply loosen your tension, remove your spring and move your heddles to the other side of the loom, as well as change the direction your loom feet are pointing. Voila - ready to start your second weaving!

Here's where I tie my warp before I wrap the yarn around the loom over and over before tying off on the bottom beam again...

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New: Bead Weaving "Easy Warp" Sam Loom Package & Ebook

Worried about warping? We have a solution!

With our "Easy Warp" warping method, all you have to do is wrap your warp around the loom! No figure-8s, no warping bar... just wrapping. 

We now have an ebook available to show you how to warp for bead weaving using the Easy Warp method. This ebook also goes into the basics of how to weave a simple beaded bracelet. 

Download the ebook .pdf here!

You can also download the "Easy Warp" warping ebook for tapestry here.

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Warp Your Mirrix for Tapestry The "Easy Warp" Way!

Recently Mirrix added a new loom to our family of looms. The โ€œEasy Warpโ€ Sam Loom is the perfect loom for beginners interested in tapestry or other types of weft-faced weaving. It is a 12โ€ Loom, but one that comes with just the basics: a frame and a 14 dent coil.

The main difference between the Sam Loom and our other looms is that it is meant to be warped in an easier way. You can also use this method on any other Mirrix Loom!

This way of warping has one main restriction: Your warp cannot be advanced for continuous warping (where you can move your piece to the back of your loom as you weave). This means the length of your piece is restrained by the height of your loom.

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Balancing The Warping Bar

We often instruct people to "balance the warping bar" when weaving a piece that is thin compared to the width of the loom they are using.

What does this mean? Why does the warping bar need to be balanced?

First, what IS a warping bar?
The warping bar is an aluminum bar that is used in the warping process. You tie your warp thread to this bar when beginning to warp, loop around it while warping and tie to it when tying off your warp thread. It is used to give you a place to begin and end you warp thread, but also to "advance your weaving" so you can weave longer pieces on your loom. Click here for a video on what that is and how to do it.

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FAQ: An Alternative Way to Balance Your Warping Bar

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Warping is Easy!

The question we get the most at Mirrix is some variation of: Is warping difficult?

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You Got a Loom as a Gift: Now What?

You must have someone who loves you very much out there, because you got a Mirrix Loom as a gift. Or maybe you you gifted one to yourself, that's just as good! Whatever the reason, you may be wondering how to get started! Our website and this blog are both packed to the brim with information about how to warp, weave beads, weave tapestry and weave with fiber and beads together.

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