What's a Warp Coil?

When you're weaving beads or tapestry, how your warp threads (the threads that go around the loom) are spaced is very important. That spacing will allow you to weave the size beads you want (imagine trying to stick 8/0 beads into warp threads spaced for 11/0 beads) or the yarn you want (different thicknesses of warp -and weft- need different warp spacing.)

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Bead Weaving Warp Coil Cheat Sheet

Before you begin weaving on a Mirrix Loom, you need to choose the correct spring (also called a warp coil) to place on the top bar of the loom (or top and bottom if you are using a bottom spring kit).  

This spring sets the spacing of the warp threads on the loom. 

When choosing which spring to use for bead weaving, you want one that will set the spacing for the exact size of beads that you are using. 

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Mini Mirrix: New Coils Now Here!

Until today, we only had the 14 dent warp coil/spring available for the Mini Mirrix.

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FREE Warp Coil Label Template: Label Those Springs!

When you have more than one loom and a bazillion sets of warp coils, it can be a pain to find a warp coil you want when you want it. Instead of struggling with this every time they warp, a lot of our smart customers label their warp coils so they always know which one is which. I've made a printable template to make labeling your own warp coils easier!

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Ask Elena: Warp Coil Woes

You may have heard the terms "warp coil" and "spring" thrown around our website. Maybe you understand the references, but maybe you don't. This post is a little primer on warp coils (or springs, they're the same thing) including HOW TO CHOOSE WHICH WARP COIL TO USE and HOW TO MODIFY A WARP COIL TO FIT YOUR NEEDS.

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