Studio visit with Janna

Hey there,

I'm changing it up and trying out a video post in a sort of podcast style to see how it feels. Sorry about all the snapping sounds in the background - it's the fireplace crackling.

In this update I talk about my terrible habit of weaving with no design in mind, I share a bit of the history of Everlea Textiles, and show you why I'm weaving my next tapestry design on its side. Below are links to the items I talk about.

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Installing the Spencer Power Treadle


When I unpacked my Spencer Power Treadle I decided to put the directions aside and see if I could figure out the installation on my own. I wasn't successful, but after reading the directions and watching Spencer's video I realized I wasn't far off. I'm sure some of you could see exactly how it is installed just by looking at the couple of doo-dads your package comes with. But, for you those of you who weren't so lucky I made a wee video to help. Enjoy!

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