Happy Being "Never-Done"

I finished my Homage to Victor Vasarely Bracelet. I am writing up the instructions for a tutorial that I will make available. But alas, there's more to do….I am on my next experiment with this pattern, using white warp threads instead of black, and a spring time color way. I am also ordering a new product for the clasp - by Miyuki, the Japanese seed bead (and Delica) manufacturer. It fits over a row of 11/0 round beads that are added to the end for just this purpose.

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The Do-Over, Again

Greetings Weaving Friends! How many times have we been asked "How long did it take you to make that?" I think I will start answering with "Which version?" It has been 3 weeks and I am still working with my Homage to Victor pattern. Each version improves upon the last. I've changed out my warp threads and turned to matte black beads for the outlines. I went with more primary and contrasting colors, and relied less on subtle differences in finish to create the necessary contrast. I am developing an edging using the off loom beading techniques of brick and square stitch. Even as I work this one, I am planning the next version, with white warps. And still, I wonder how it might look with a warp space for every bead..so there might be another do-over after that. Meanwhile…I am thrilled with the pattern and the shifting optical illusion. Stay tuned…I hope it ends up a "finished" version at some point.

Julia L. Hecht

Owner / Designer

Poppyfield Bead Company


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Where's Your Inspiration?

Greetings Weaving Friends!

photo and quote source

My friend posted a picture of her grandmother on Facebook. They are Diné (Navajo) and her grandmother is a master weaver. "Margaret Dalton, 91 years old born back in 1923, of Ft. Defiance, Arizona had completed this rug back in the 1950s in time for the opening of Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise in 1961. The rug pictured is actually folded over 4 times in order to hang properly on the wall. It is made of natural dye and woven in the form of a geometric design. The rug measures over 150 feet by 50 feet in width." (see the source link above).

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