Up to $100 off The Spencer Power Treadle

These deals are valid through Wednesday, July 29th 2015. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Can only be used once. Only valid at mirrixlooms.com.

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Memorial Day Deals!

Through Memorial Day (5/25/2015) we're offering a few Mirrix deals:

Get 15% off the Electric Spencer Treadle with code memdaytreadle
Remember, we also have several other Electric Treadle combination deals through May.

Get 15% off the Bottom Spring Kit with Springs with code memdaybsk

The first TEN people to use code memdaybeadcreator50 will get $50 off BeadCreator Pro
If our shopping cart does not accept the code, that means ten people have already used it.
The next TEN people can use code memdaybeadcreator30 for $30 off BeadCreator Pro
If our shopping cart does not accept either code, that means ten people have already used each one.

The Fine Print
These coupons expire 5/25/2015
Mirrix reserves the right to end or change any promotion
These coupon codes can be used together, but not with other deals, offers or sales
Valid only on mirrixlooms.com
Only ONE copy of BeadCreator (using these sale prices) may be ordered per customer

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Treadle Combination Sale Through May

The manual treadle made its arrival within the first year of the birth of Mirrix. We loved that treadle and still do. But sadly, we are phasing it out after we eliminate our current inventory. The reason? The Electric Spencer Treadle was born. It’s lighter, much more portable and even easier to use than the manual treadle. It took us a couple of months to work out all the kinks (like figuring out where to get certain components to guarantee many, many years of use), but we’ve finally done it and we are thrilled.

This new treadle has been tested and tested and the unanimous opinion is that it makes weaving tapestry and/or fiber so much faster on the Mirrix. Since your hands are free to just weave and not change the shed, you can weave twice as fast. It also gives the shed-changing arm a break helping to eliminate shoulder stress.

We want you to have fun with the Electric Spencer Treadle too and so we are offering you some big incentives to jump in and test the waters of “speed tapestry.”

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Treadle Sale: One Week Only! (Meet Spencer)

I'm Spencer Chase, brother of Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase and designer and engineer of the Spencer Power Treadle.

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We Love The New Spencer Treadle... But Don't Take Our Word For It

Did you ever watch Reading Rainbow? It was a PBS kid's show that started in the 80s about the wonder of books and reading. At the end of every show there was a segment of book reviews by kids. LeVar Burton, the host, would start off the segment by saying, "But you don't have to take my word for it!" And then the kids would launch into their reviews. This phrase came to mind when I started planning this post.

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Beat the Winter Blues!

There's always that time right after the holidays where it really hits me that it's winter. I start getting sick of chapped lips and cold nights and longing for spring (which seems oh-so-far-away). If you're fighting the winter blues, there's nothing better than some quality time with your loom to cheer you up! Get started with some fantastic January deals!

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Latest Tapestry

I have made some progress on the latest tapestry weaving. Not has much as I would have liked. My first revelation, as I shared, was putting on the treadle. My next revelation was to take it off the table in my studio and put it in my bedroom on a stand. Why? The table height in my studio is off. It's too high and the chair I was using was actually a bench and I was doing some amazingly weird things with my back and my posture. Besides, I caught some nasty bug and have been hanging out in my bedroom with my laptop. So I thought if I put the loom in the bedroom on a stand with the treadle I might be inspired to weave more. It worked.

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