Tapestry is Weaving but Weaving Isn't Always Tapestry

You've seeing these adorable woven wall-hangings on Instagram and Pinterest and you're ready to take the plung e to learn how to make your own woven art. Maybe you take a class on a basic frame loom or you make your own loom from a picture frame and follow some instructions you find online. Now, you're ready to take this craft to the next level. What's first? A high-quality loom! You've heard of Mirrix Looms, but they're tapestry looms... is tapestry the type of weaving you're interested in? What exactly IS tapestry?

Tapestry is...

This means you can see the weft (the threads that go across the loom horizontally) and not the warp. Imagine a piece of woven fabric. You can usually see both the warp (the threads that go around the loom vertically) AND the weft. With tapestry you are actually COVERING the warp threads with the weft.

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Living the Woven Life

This will be my last blog post as part of the Social Marketing team for Mirrix Looms and I must say it certainly was a fast year!  What a joy it was to represent an amazing company so full of passion for weaving and design!  Thank you Claudia and Elena for giving so much of your life's effort to make Mirrix such a strong and successful company!

So it got me to thinking ... what would I like my final blog post to be about?  The word Connection kept coming to mind and how could I relate that to living my life as a Tapestry Weaver?  Weaving is all about connected threads; fibers crossing over one other, creating a texture or a single design.  Isn't that what our lives are truly about as well?

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Weave-Along 24: The Take-Your-Loom-Out-Of-The-Box Tapestry Bracelet

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The Case Against the $5 Loom


If you've never woven beads or fiber and are on a budget, we think trying out weaving on an inexpensive or homemade loom is a great idea. You get a sense of the craft without investing too much money. 

That said, here at Mirrix we strongly believe that high-quality equipment and supplies are important for every artist and craftsperson to do their best work. In fact, Mirrix Looms were created specifically to meet the needs of a weaver who wanted a portable loom with which she could make professional-quality work.

A Mirrix is like your first nice car or piece of furniture. It's an investment in the best piece of equipment to help you be more successful in your weaving pursuits.

So go get that $5 loom if you want to, but then put it aside and consider a Mirrix. Because you need the best equipment to produce your best work. 

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Which is better for you?

Are you trying to decide if you want to get a floor loom or a Mirrix, and wondering what's the difference? As an owner and user of both, I'm going to share the similarites and differences between the two. 

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Weaving gradation samples

Over the past month I've been weaving gradation samples to determine what my next bigger piece will be. I made several using naturally dyed colours but right now I'm really drawn to the simple white-to-grey pallette, which is what I'm sharing about today. In this grouping of samples I made one plain gradation sample, one gradation with pick'n'pick throughout from edge-to-edge, and one gradation with pick'n'pick in a blob shape in the center (and fringe - because I can't help but think of my samples as mini pieces).

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Strength in the Struggle

Hello again! So much to talk about today. So much to catch up on since I last blogged! Let’s begin, and above all, let’s hope it makes sense. :)

I’ve been busy acquainting myself with my new loom; and as you know from my last blog, I am a newbie when it comes to the life of Mirrix-ing. When my loom first arrived overwhelmed would be an understatement. Looking back I am not quite sure what made me so afraid of beginning? There aren’t realllllyyy that many parts, there aren’t a million tools involved—yet it took me several ‘attempts’ to actually get started. And by ‘attempts’ I mean I opened the box, and looked at it…and decided I needed to take a break, and breathe. Removed it from the box, and decided that maybe if I lay everything out neatly, then things will flow from there. Oh! Perhaps if I name her, we’ll become more familiar, some sort of synergy will be achieved, and I’ll be on my way. FOLKS. I LITERALLY NAMED MY MIRRIX LOOM 'PEARL'. It's ok to laugh. Why was I having such a hard time just *starting* to put my loom together?

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The Woolery

If you asked us where to purchase almost any weaving-related product, there's a good chance The Woolery would be on our list. From Mirrix Looms to a large selection of yarns and beaters, it's a great place to go for quality weaving (as well as spinning, felting, dyeing, etc.) products. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $100! 

We asked The Woolery a few questions about the company and also about Convergence 2016 where they will be representing Mirrix Looms.

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Weaving on The Easy Warp Sam Loom

Are you ready to start weaving tapestry? With our new "Easy Warp" method and our Basic Tapestry Ebook, it's easier than ever to get started!

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TODAY: Get $10 off of our BRAND NEW Loom!

My name is Sam (Mirrix's resident dog) and today I am excited to... woofwoof...

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