New Starter Packages Without Looms

Most of the time, our best ideas come from our customers! Recently one of you mentioned that you'd like to see starter packages available without looms.

What a great idea!

We now have five new starter packages for those of you who already have looms or who want to purchase your loom and materials separately. Each package is discounted by 10%, so you'll not only get a carefully curated package of bead or tapestry supplies, but you'll also get a great price! 

Tapestry Starter Package One

This package is perfect  for anyone who is looking to get started weaving tapestry and also wants to experiment with combining tapestry with beads. The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit is a great project to learn some basics tapestry techniques and the book will help you expand on those techniques. The Bockens warp is great for using with many different kinds of wefts and the heddles (for use with a loom with a shedding device) and beater are essentials for weaving tapestry.

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