Spencer Treadle VS Mirrix Handle

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The simple art of sampling

I simply love my Mirrix Loom, I can't stress that fact enough!  Recently I received the Spencer Treadle attachment for my Zach loom.  I must admit, it stayed in the box for a few weeks after it arrived and I was so anxious to take the time to attach it to my loom.  Life just got in the way! Work was crazy and then I had vacation with my family in the Outer Banks.  The first night we were home from vacation my hubby and I put it onto my loom ... it was such an easy process!

There is now a new video created by another Mirrix Loom fan, Janna Marie Vallee and her new video on attaching the Spencer treadle is amazing! If you missed her post, you can catch it here on the blog at http://blog.mirrixlooms.com/blog/installing-the-spencer-power-treadle.  She takes you easily through the installment process and before you know it your Spencer Treadle is ready for weaving!  It makes the weaving process move quickly and easily!  I consider it an enhancement to my weaving life!

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Take Your Tapestry Weaving to the Next Level: 15% off The Spencer Power Treadle

When Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase first developed the Mirrix Loom over 20 years ago, she knew she wanted a treadle to go with it. Why a treadle for tapestry weaving? It makes changing your shed faster and easier than doing it manually.

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Installing the Spencer Power Treadle


When I unpacked my Spencer Power Treadle I decided to put the directions aside and see if I could figure out the installation on my own. I wasn't successful, but after reading the directions and watching Spencer's video I realized I wasn't far off. I'm sure some of you could see exactly how it is installed just by looking at the couple of doo-dads your package comes with. But, for you those of you who weren't so lucky I made a wee video to help. Enjoy!

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Up to $100 off The Spencer Power Treadle

These deals are valid through Wednesday, July 29th 2015. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Can only be used once. Only valid at mirrixlooms.com.

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