A New Project - Beadwoven Dream Catcher (Part 2)

If you saw the first  - A New Project - Beadwoven Dream Catcher (Part 1) - then you have seen all the photos and rows so far!! Now there is TEAL showing up!! Are you ready to follow along and see the rest?? 

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Artist Block & The definitive(ish) Guide On Getting Through It

What to do, or not do, when going through an artist block

Have you ever hit an artist block? That awful, almost stifling feeling that happens when you, the artist, can’t seem to produce—or even entertain the thought of creating a single piece of art. It’s that virginia-woolf-like-moment where you’re wondering ‘fie, whereto hast’ all my creativity forth-gone’ (or at least I like to imagine that’s what she’d say).

I know that this does not happen to everyone. Case in point: my mom. That lady can get up every day and start a new project at the drop of a crochet pin. But I believe my art is directly tied to my emotions (yah, yuck—I’m that kind of artist). It can be a good thing! Once *inspired* …there’s nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing stopping me. Food—who needs that! Sleep—that’s for the weak! I believe this is where my ‘binge weaving’ habit stems from. Because once I feel that wave of inspiration I know I must fully embrace and ride it for all it’s worth. A surreal “I-want-to-feel-creative-forever” sort of feeling. It completely rushes over me, and I let that energy flow and freely produce whatever wonder it decides to bring.

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What's your New Year Weaving Resolution?

We here at Mirrix Looms want to wish you the happiest New Year!  New Year beginnings always remind us to slow down, re-think where we have been and certainly show us where we are headed. It is also a time to focus on change ... What do we want to leave behind and what do we want to take into the new year with us?  

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Spencer Treadle VS Mirrix Handle

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How I love the warping process!

It is definitely the holidays and I am trying to create a mini tapestry to be framed for a friend as a gift.  Not sure I will complete on time, but I am sure going to try!  As I began warping my Zach loom this afternoon, I decided to sett my linen warp at 12 epi with a linen warp and a weaving width of 4". I wanted to do a little hemstitching on the edges of my mini tapestry, so linen seemed to be the perfect fiber! I found some incredible shadow box frames with a 5" x 5" opening, so I am excited to see how this all turn outs.

Each time I begin to warp, I question myself if I am doing it right.  I can't tell you how many times I have warped a Mirrix loom, yet I find myself unsure and always want to refer back to Claudia and Elena's instruction video on You Tube! They take the time to explain the process carefully and slowly with you. 

Today I found my way to Elena's video, fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and began the warping process.  I was just reminded of how much I love this process ... to me it where all the project planning comes to life.  The warping process always comes back to me quickly, but how nice it was to glance over at my You Tube and have Elena instructing me.  I wonder will I ever NOT need the video to warp??? 

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How to Weave more than 1 Project without rewarping

Warping on the Mirrix is super simple, but it's even easier if you don't have to do it for every project. With the larger Mirrix Looms plus the continuous warp, if you're working small you can fit 2 or 3 projects on 1 warp!!! Awesome, right?

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Learning the Importance of Color

I have recently started taking Rebecca Mezoff's Color Gradation Techniques course online with my Mirrix loom and I am learning so much!  Usually I run to my fiber closet, pick out my favorite colors I would like to use in my project and off to the loom I go.  Not this time!

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Binge Weaving is for the Birds

So I have a confession. I am a certified binge weaver. What’s a binge weaver you ask? Well, I weave in bursts. I tend to go days—even as much as a week or so, without weaving. When I do finally reunite with my loom, it’s an all day and night occasion. I will literally start a project in the morning, sometimes remember to break for lunch and dinner, and then weave through the night into the wee hours of the morning if needed. It has worked for me in the past—that crazy pressure that artists press upon themselves to crank something out under some sort of pressure. It often fuels me into some sort of creative whirlwind, and usually a pretty great end product is spawned from this creative storm.

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Strength in the Struggle

Hello again! So much to talk about today. So much to catch up on since I last blogged! Let’s begin, and above all, let’s hope it makes sense. :)

I’ve been busy acquainting myself with my new loom; and as you know from my last blog, I am a newbie when it comes to the life of Mirrix-ing. When my loom first arrived overwhelmed would be an understatement. Looking back I am not quite sure what made me so afraid of beginning? There aren’t realllllyyy that many parts, there aren’t a million tools involved—yet it took me several ‘attempts’ to actually get started. And by ‘attempts’ I mean I opened the box, and looked at it…and decided I needed to take a break, and breathe. Removed it from the box, and decided that maybe if I lay everything out neatly, then things will flow from there. Oh! Perhaps if I name her, we’ll become more familiar, some sort of synergy will be achieved, and I’ll be on my way. FOLKS. I LITERALLY NAMED MY MIRRIX LOOM 'PEARL'. It's ok to laugh. Why was I having such a hard time just *starting* to put my loom together?

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Connecting ‘things’ to Create Beauty


Hi! I am so excited to be participating in Social Market for a Mirrix 2016! But first things first, allow me to introduce myself.

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