Living the Woven Life

This will be my last blog post as part of the Social Marketing team for Mirrix Looms and I must say it certainly was a fast year!  What a joy it was to represent an amazing company so full of passion for weaving and design!  Thank you Claudia and Elena for giving so much of your life's effort to make Mirrix such a strong and successful company!

So it got me to thinking ... what would I like my final blog post to be about?  The word Connection kept coming to mind and how could I relate that to living my life as a Tapestry Weaver?  Weaving is all about connected threads; fibers crossing over one other, creating a texture or a single design.  Isn't that what our lives are truly about as well?

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Having trouble deciding what to weave?

 Every artist has a moment when they're sitting staring at the blank page , blank canvas, or empty loom wondering what in the world they want to make. It can be hard and frustrating place to be. In the video below, I'll walk you though a simple and fun exercise to help get your creative juices flowing, and push you to try some new ideas on your mirrix.

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keeping a weaving journal ...

I have been an avid journal keeper it seems my whole life. I have art journals, diaries, altered books and personal journals ... I love expressing myself, remembering incredible moments and ideas in my journals. There are so many moments and experiences I don't want to ever forget.
I have kept a weaving journal for a very long time. I have been a weaver over thirty years, so you can imagine just how many pages I have written in that amount of time! I love those rainy afternoons when I pour over the pages of past journals with a cup of hot tea, just filling myself with thoughts and memories.
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Binge Weaving is for the Birds

So I have a confession. I am a certified binge weaver. What’s a binge weaver you ask? Well, I weave in bursts. I tend to go days—even as much as a week or so, without weaving. When I do finally reunite with my loom, it’s an all day and night occasion. I will literally start a project in the morning, sometimes remember to break for lunch and dinner, and then weave through the night into the wee hours of the morning if needed. It has worked for me in the past—that crazy pressure that artists press upon themselves to crank something out under some sort of pressure. It often fuels me into some sort of creative whirlwind, and usually a pretty great end product is spawned from this creative storm.

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The Woolery

If you asked us where to purchase almost any weaving-related product, there's a good chance The Woolery would be on our list. From Mirrix Looms to a large selection of yarns and beaters, it's a great place to go for quality weaving (as well as spinning, felting, dyeing, etc.) products. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $100! 

We asked The Woolery a few questions about the company and also about Convergence 2016 where they will be representing Mirrix Looms.

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Hello There! I'm Donna Wynn

I wanted to take the time this morning to introduce myself and let you know I am so excited to be a part of the Social Market Team for 2016.  I was beyond giddy to be one of those chosen to be on this team.  I am totally in love with Mirrix Looms and I feel as though I was there from the beginning!  Let me tell you my story with Mirrix Looms and how I found myself here at this very moment:

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Welcome to our Newest Social Market for a Mirrix Participants!

Today we are excited to finally announce Mirrix's 2016 Social Market for a Mirrix participants.

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Tell Your Friends: Social Market for a Mirrix 2016

Do you like to blog? Are you interested in social media? Do you want a Mirrix Loom or a Spencer Power Treadle? Would you be willing to do the former in exchange for the latter? Or maybe you have a friend who would? 

Time is running out to apply for Social Market for a Mirrix 2016! 

Haven't heard of this program? Since 2010 we have been giving looms and supplies to people in exchange for blog and social media posts about their experiences with the loom. 

Never woven before? That's great! Expert? That's fine! We are interested in applications from artists/crafters of every level.

(Image: Janna Maria Vallee, 2014 Social Market for a Mirrix participant)

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Social Market for a Mirrix 2016

Back in 2010 we launched our very first Social Market for a Mirrix campaign. The idea behind it was simple: We would give looms to a few people in exchange for blog and social media posts about the participants' experiences with the loom. 

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