Monday Inspiration: Make a case for that new iPhone 6!

Did you get the new iPhone 6 this weekend? Does your current phone needs a little non-virtual upgrade?

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First attempt at iphone/smartphone case

A while back I started the silk purse for the latest weave-along. I was so proud of myself for starting it a while few weeks before I needed to. I took a bunch of photos but took no notes. When I finally got around the compiling all the photos into something that resembles instructions, it was clear I had both screwed a bunch of things up and missed a bunch of essential photographs. Elena said: do it again!But I decided at very least to finish the piece on the loom in adequate as it was. Who wants to cut off and toss ten inches or so of weaving. So I grit my teeth and wove away. And this is what I just finished. The strap is a flat braid. I've used mostly hand painted silk with a little bit of railroad yarn. I lined it with silk. It will work. It's just not what I envisioned at all for the weave along. I will spend the rest of today an tomorrow working on the new one.
And below, of course, is where this purse comes from!
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