Braids and Woven Trim for Your Silk Smart Phone Case

I love to embellish my small cases with braids and thin woven bands as well as beads. It's one of those "slow craft" things. I enjoy the finishing and making all the seams and edges perfect. Back in the day when I produced and sold many woven tapestry purses, I didn't take this approach. But now that I make them to give away or to design new products to inspire you, I have slowed way down. And now I enjoy the weaving and the finishing just as much.

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Slow Art/Craft

I am going to start off this post the way I originally planned to start it which is: Looking for a quick and easy project to give away as a gift, something you can make in an hour or two and make a whole bunch of? Well, then this project is NOT for you . . .

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