Customer Project Feature: Garden of Elivis by Felicitas

In June we asked our community to submit ideas of what they would weave on their Mirrix Loom if they were given some hand-painted silk. We then choose three people to get free silk with which they could try out their ideas. Here is the final project from one of the winners, Felicitas Sloves!

Here was her idea: β€œWith the hand painted silk yarn, I would weave a tapestry using found materials. With the silk yarn being the primary yarn in the project, it will be interwoven with objects such as small pieces of mica, agate slices, bits of fused glass and whimsical items such as pieces of vinyl records and their labels, thin strips of cardboard packaging from beer cartons and cereal boxes, t-shirt strips and dried stalks/leaves from my garden. I know this sounds like one hot mess, but my goal would be a finished tapestry that would be a textural landscape woven with hand dyed silk and incorporated with found materials.”

While we weren't sure what the final piece would look like, we looked forward to what Felicita would pull out of her bag of sundry tricks. She did NOT disappoint! The final weaving was a seamless combination of materials. From concept to execution, Felicita went on a fascinating journey which really spoke to her theme of "A Garden of Elvis." We would love to see more of her fantastical creations! So slow down and really carefully examine every detail in her tapestry. She breaks a lot those strict tapestry rules and yet she does it with such skill and thoughtfulness that it completely works. I guess that's what we loved best about this piece: it was imagined, it was very much off the beaten path and it totally worked!

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The Tapestry Weaving of the Coptics

Looking at fragments of tapestries online is frustrating at best. Any one who loves fibers knows that there is nothing like seeing fiberart (whatever that entails) in person. Being able to touch it is even better. And being able to see the back, invaluable. Because I cannot see the many Coptic textile fragments in person (and there are many that have survived even from the very beginnings of the Coptic culture, way back in the first century A.D.) it took me qute some time to unravel the first mystery: why did it seem like so many of the tapestry fragments were attached to a linen even weave background? I would like to say I solved this mystery on my own, but in fact I found the answer in a textile text book. I have discovered that some times the most comrehensive explanations for the orgin and structure of textiles comes from text books. They talk about all the geeky details from whether the yarns are S or Z spun, how many plies, what kind of weave, etc. Answers that are not commonly found in history books.

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What Can You Create With Hand-Painted Silk? (Part 2)

Earlier this year we had a little contest where we asked customers to come up with ideas for Mirrix-woven pieces incorporating our hand-painted silk. We then chose two people to whom we gave free silk to go forward with their ideas. We were blown away by the incredible pieces our winners Julie and Debbie made and we've decided to run the same contest again.

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New Free Mini Heart Tapestry Wall-Hanging Ebook!

Can you imagine where you'd hang this gorgeous mini heart tapestry wall-hanging?

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What's Mulberry Silk?

I'm not sure if being a tapestry weaver makes you interested in fiber or if being interested in fiber makes you interested in tapestry; but my tapestry weaving mother instilled in me a love for and snobbery about fibers from an early age.

When I was a kid, we would go shopping and she would have to touch everything. "That's acrylic!" she would say, and I'd have to put the sweater back on the rack.

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Silk Tapestry Contest: Fish and a Pouch!

A while back we asked the Mirrix community to submit ideas for projects using Mirrix's hand-painted silk. We chose two people to whom we gave free silk. We are excited to share their projects here today!

Today we are excited to share the final projects!

Do you want to make your own pieces with this gorgeous silk? Get some here!

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Monday Inspiration: Make a case for that new iPhone 6!

Did you get the new iPhone 6 this weekend? Does your current phone needs a little non-virtual upgrade?

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Painting Silk, Again!

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