5 Tips To Sell Your Work Online

We field a lot of questions every day here at Mirrix Looms. From, "When will my order ship?" to "How do you make this project?" and even questions from customers about how to sell their work.

I happen to have a bit of expertise regarding this last point and I thought I would share a few tips for artists and crafters looking to sell their work online.

1.) Be visible.

This may seem obvious, but a strong and varied online presence is important to your success selling online. Don't rely on just one platform to share your work. A website and/or blog is typically the foundation of any online presence. You can use it to tell your story, share your work and even sell. If you choose to sell instead on a site like Etsy or ArtFire, a website or blog is still important to bring customers to your selling page. You should also maintain a diverse presence on social media sites. Consider creating accounts on Facebook, Ravelry, Weavolution, Pinterest, Twitter and/or Instagram. Remember to not start with more than you can handle, though, as you want to keep these accounts active. A social media account can be a very powerful tool, but only if you use it consistently (more on that in tip five!)

Looking for a cheap/easy way to get started with a website? Consider an easy sitebuilding program like Squarespace or Weebly. If you're looking for something free, Wordpress and Blogger both have free blog or site options.

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