Yesterday a customer ordered $37 worth of merchandise and paid... nothing! How? Mirrix-Ware!

The customer/Mirrix-Ware participant showed her Mirrix Loom to someone who was interested in buying one but wanted to see a Mirrix in person. When that person decided to buy a 12" Little Guy Loom, she let us know it was through the Mirrix-Ware program and which Mirrix-Ware participant showed her the loom. Then, that participant got a credit to the Mirrix store!

It's an easy way to stock up on kits, accessories... or even save up for that second or third loom you've been wanting!

Meet a neighbor who is trying to decide if she wants a Mirrix, tell a friend who you know who love to learn to weave or even have a Mirrix-Ware party where you invite your friends and get 15% of the total sales! If just three Lani Looms were sold through you, you'd make $99 in Mirrix credit!

Email us to become a participant or to learn more. We'll email you Mirrix literature and help get you on your way!

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