Thoughts on Teaching Tapestry

As some of you know I have been working on a class through CraftArtsEdu for quite some time now. The first part, taking all the photos while weaving the piece, was a lot of fun (of course I did that with Elena, so how could it not be fun!). Now I am on my own doing the voice over. Yes, I will get to done before all of your kits are layered with dust. I just found out that two days of voice overs sound like I am talking inside a ball of fuzz. I fought with my microphone and adjustments for hours only to finally get the bright idea that maybe it wasn't on my end. Sure enough, I think hurricane Sandy wreck havoc on the servers that are hosting this class. So two day's of voice overs were lost. Yuck. They are really hard to do. But all is not lost because in the meanwhile I had the lovely opportunity to teach a private workshop to a lovely woman named Amy. And of the things I realized while I was teaching her is that I need to incorporate that kind of teaching style in to the voice overs. Now granted, I am still warping the loom in the voice overs and there is no way to give that too much exciting color. So I was glad I taught Amy before I got into the weaving part of the class. Now I am so excited to get back to it if only those servers would behave. Things do seem to always happen for a reason.

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