Take Your Tapestry Weaving to the Next Level: 15% off The Spencer Power Treadle

When Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase first developed the Mirrix Loom over 20 years ago, she knew she wanted a treadle to go with it. Why a treadle for tapestry weaving? It makes changing your shed faster and easier than doing it manually.

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Treadle Sale: One Week Only! (Meet Spencer)

I'm Spencer Chase, brother of Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase and designer and engineer of the Spencer Power Treadle.

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20% off the Spencer Power Treadle this Weekend ONLY

This summer we introduced the very first electric treadle for a portable tapestry loom. It was an instant hit with novice and professional tapestry weavers alike.

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We Love The New Spencer Treadle... But Don't Take Our Word For It

Did you ever watch Reading Rainbow? It was a PBS kid's show that started in the 80s about the wonder of books and reading. At the end of every show there was a segment of book reviews by kids. LeVar Burton, the host, would start off the segment by saying, "But you don't have to take my word for it!" And then the kids would launch into their reviews. This phrase came to mind when I started planning this post.

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