Customer Project Feature: Knotted Pile Galaxy by Pinar Miski

In June we asked our community to submit ideas of what they would weave on their Mirrix Loom if they were given some hand-painted silk. We then choose three people to get free silk with which they could try out their ideas. Here is the final project from one of the winners, Pinar Miski!

Here was her idea: “I had the pleasure of hosting Sara Lamb for our weaver’s guild back in October. She taught me how to weave knotted pile. If I had the silk, I’d like to use my 12″ little guy Mirrix to weave a small knotted pile panel to incorporate into a woven purse or perhaps a wall hanging. It will either be a spiral galaxy / astronomy design or a traditional Turkish kilim motif (since that’s where I was born).”

We also asked our winners to suggest what colors of silk they wanted. We did our best to accommodate their wishes. Because Pinar was weaving a galaxy we also threw in some gold thread, which she sprinkled throughout the black background like random stars.

Picking out silk for Pinar's project was a lot of fun. I have always been inspired in my weaving by pictures of galaxies. The colors are so profound. I dug through my stash and came up what I hoped with inspire Pinar as well. I also threw in some gold thread which you can see in the black background.

Pinar had initially asked that we include some black silk but as the universe makes its own rules, we were completely out of black. This was a stroke of luck actually because the background was woven in wool with, as I mentioned, specs of gold thread. The contrast between the duller wool and the very bright, shinny silk was the perfect complement for this piece. Had she used black silk for the background it would have competed with the silk in the galazy.

What also struck me about Pinar’s use of our silk for this particular project is that the mulbury silk we use was originally intended to make knotted pile rugs so in fact Pinar was using it exactly how it should be used. That makes sense. It works perfectly in her piece.

It's so satisfying to know that those sweet little bobbins of hand-painted silk and gold thread inspired such a breath-taking piece of art.

Here is her final project:

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