Our Nerdiest Contest Yet

These past few years, my life has been a little crazy. Besides working at Mirrix full-time, I have been attending graduate school. In a few short weeks (assuming everything goes as planned), I will be done with my Masters in Digital Media Communication from the University of Washington. I'm pretty excited to have my evenings and weekends back and return to the world of reading novels instead of textbooks.

That said, I do love school and all I've learned.

Right now I am taking a class on networks. When I first saw the textbook, which was over 700 pages long and chocked-full of math equations, I wished I had chosen a different class. Now that we are nearing the end of the quarter, though, I am excited to put some of my new-found knowledge into practice. I want to start with what will certainly be Mirrix's nerdiest contest yet. Are you ready?

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