Finishing a long beaded piece without those pesky warp ends.

You can start weaving on the other side of the bar. I like doing this because it's easier to finish this way. When you end weaving next to the bar, it's more difficult to get the warps parallel. It's possible. I just prefer this method.

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Weaving a long beaded piece without warp ends!

Although I love the No warp ends kit it only allows one to weave on the front of the loom. You can get all sorts of different lengths within that range, but it does not allow you to make a very long beaded piece. I searched my brain for a bit and came up with this idea: Using just the spring bar (that bar that is inserted in the spring once you've warped the loom to prevent the warp threads from coming out when you advance your weaving), no spring and garden variety warp thread (although I exclusively use C-Lon thread) and, of course, a Mirrix Loom you can create a piece as long as your loom will allow. The piece will go all around the loom, so you don't have to figure in warp waste. 

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