Finishing a long beaded piece without those pesky warp ends.

You can start weaving on the other side of the bar. I like doing this because it's easier to finish this way. When you end weaving next to the bar, it's more difficult to get the warps parallel. It's possible. I just prefer this method.

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Product Feature: The No Warp-Ends Kit

The No Warp-Ends Kit is one of our best selling accessories here at Mirrix Looms.

And no wonder, it makes weaving small beaded pieces so fun and easy!

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A slightly different approach to the 'No Warp Ends' technique

I hate wasting yarn... so I really don't like loom waste - who wants to toss their yarn in the trash? Really :)
That's why I love Claudia Chase's 'No Warp Ends' technique for the Mirrix looms.

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No Warp-Ends Bracelet: Finishing

Today is the day we finish weaving our bracelet, take it off the loom and create a loop and a clasp. You will notice that my last section of mixed bead rows is only two rows wide instead of three. I was finding it difficult to fit in the magnatamas. So I reverted to just size 8/0 beads because they were much easier to insert in that smallish space.

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