Navajo Style Weaving on a Mirrix Loom: YES YOU CAN

The other day Elena and I had a long conversation about weaving a Navajo style piece (ie., four selvedges, no fringe!) on a Mirrix Loom. We came up with one great idea. I tried it. It failed. Sad face. Then we rethought the whole thing. I tried it. Epic success! Elena smiled. I smiled. I will now share!

What you need to accomplish this: a couple of lengths of texslov cord, two thin metal rods, some strong string (I used Seine Twine) and the usual: warp and weft.

First, set up the thin bars on the back of the loom by wrapping two lengths of texslov cord around the loom and sticking both bars into the cord. This is the point where you can decide the length of your piece based on how high the loom is set and where you insert the bars. With this method, you will be able to weave a piece longer than the length of the loom. 

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