Welcome to Mirrix’s Third Ambassador: Natalie Novak

The Mirrix Looms Ambassador program hopes to unite Mirrix Looms (both the company and the products) with talented bead and tapestry weavers from around the world. By connecting these gifted artists, quality weaving equipment and the networks of both, the hope is to simultaneously increase awareness of each ambassador and of Mirrix products.

Each ambassador will have a unique role, but you can expect instructional blog posts, project ebooks, inspiration and more from these amazing artists.

Today, we are very excited to introduce our third Mirrix Looms Ambassador, Natalie Novak.

You can learn more about Natalie and see her work here.

How long have you been weaving and what first attracted you to tapestry weaving?

Not long at all! I only started weaving in early 2012. I had spent the previous fall and winter checking out every weaving book I could find at the library, at first I mostly focused on Southwestern textiles, (Navajo, Zapotec, Rio Grande), but my curiousity quickly spiraled out to include anything weaving related. At a certain point it was obvious to me that my interest was going beyond casual observer and I could hear the loom calling my name.

What formal weaving/tapestry training do you have?

I'm really lucky to live near The Damascus Fiber Arts School, which is amazing! I learned Navajo style weaving from Audrey Moore and tapestry from Terry Olson. They're incredible teachers and weavers and they've created a great community there. It's funny in a way because I attended the Oregon College of Art and Craft 10-15 years ago and they have a really great fibers department, but I was there for painting and drawing so the only fiber class I ever took was Surface Design with Lisa O'brien. I remember there being an entire room full of floor looms and I'd always walk through really quickly or avoid it entirely because I was afraid I'd break them somehow. They looked so complicated and intense!

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