Perfect Mother's Day Gifts! (And Get 10% Off Your Next Purchase)

Growing up with an artist as a mom, I was always encouraged to make gifts for holidays like Mother's Day. Now that I'm an adult, art supplies have been added to the list of gifts that I always know she'll love.

If you have a crafty mom in your life like I do, we have some great gift suggestions (below) whether she's a Mirrix owner or isn't one yet!

Plus, through May 8th you will get a 10% off coupon code (to keep for yourself or pass on) good towards your next purchase*.

*Codes will be emailed to you within 24 business hours of placing your order. Codes expire at midnight on May 31st, 2016. Codes only valid at Codes can only be used once. Codes not valid for items on sale or to purchase loom packages or the stand/treadle combination package.

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How has your mother (or a mother you love) inspired you artistically?

As I get older, I appreciate more the childhood that shaped who I am today. Part of that was growing up in a house full of creative energy, inspiration and lots of art supplies. I joke about how I thought it was normal to have a living room full of gigantic floor looms and how, by early elementary school, I was a certified yarn snob. Although I wasn't very interested in weaving as a kid, we were constantly creating and always allowed full artistic expression. I remember when was about five years old there was a bike parade in our town where kids would decorate their bikes with streamers and bows and ride through the town square. There were prizes for the best decorated bikes. I took my tricycle, strapped a tiny blue chair to the back and placed my giant stuffed lion in it. Then, I drew a person in market on a piece of paper and taped that to the front. I think there may have also been streamers. I won the prize for "funniest". That incident pretty well exemplifies my artistic senses from then on. I was always inventing, creating, trying to come up with something new. For me, art was about expression. My mother fostered my love for creating by always encouraging, helping and never quelling my wild side. She was also quite the creative force, at the time very serious about her tapestry weaving, and I am sure living in such an environment helped shaped who I am today.

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