Happy 20th Birthday to Us!

The year was 1996. I was eleven years old. My best friend's name was Amanda. Her dad built firetrucks for a living. My mom, a professional tapestry weaver, had been looking to build a professional-quality, portable loom for her own use and asked Amanda's dad for help. They spent many hours in his garage tinkering with plumbing and firetruck parts until finally the very first Mirrix Loom was born. 

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Flashback on the 20th Birthday of Mirrix

By Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase in honor of Mirrix's 20th anniversary. 

In The Beginning.

I remember with Mixed emotion the first time I ran into tapestry. It was a very informal class held somewhere in San Francisco. I have no idea how I found it and what drew me to it. I guess I had been emotionally attached to weaving for years. I had gotten a rigid heddle loom for Christmas when I as eight or nine (I asked for it . . . saw it in the crafts section of Macy’s (when Macy’s had a craft section) and found myself the proud owner of a four harness table loom in my early 20s. But why I signed top for a tapestry class, six or seven months pregnant and not feeling, in other respects, too creative, is a bit of a mystery.

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