Weaving Wellness Month: Destashing and Taking Inventory of that Mess

Welcome to Mirrix's third post as part of Weaving Wellness Month! Every Wednesday this month we will be featuring a blog post related to weaving and wellness. Check out our first post here on experiences and happiness and our second post here by guest blogger Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten on yoga stretches for crafters.

Today's post is by Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase. In it she discusses workspace cleaning and destashing. Check out her six steps to destashing success below!

I am not a hoarder by nature. I don't need to hire someone to help me get rid of stuff. I do that fairly well without guidance. That being said, why is my studio and storage closet and cupboards filled with so much stuff I obviously will never use? It just happens. So in celebration of Weaving Wellness Month at Mirrix I decided that my path to wellness would be to take inventory of all my Mirrix stuff. This hasn't been done in a while. It's been done piecemeal, throwing out a thing here and there but no concerted effort to really take stock of all the stuff that has consumed my free space.

This is not a one or two day job. This is a big project and it takes thought and division of goals and projects. For example, I can't just say: gotta get rid of stuff? I have to say: need to get rid of old catalogues (yarn makers who have been out of business for ten years but I still cling to their sample cards!), bank statements from the last century, credit card bills which I've been paying online for years and literally twenty years of everything Mirrix has ever done not so neatly stored in boxes with the date of last year. I have made a dent in the paperwork but have only filled one garbage can. The rest has to be shredded and that could take days because my shredder is pretty wimpy.

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