A Mirrix Loom and All It's Parts

When you get your Mirrix Loom and open the classic brown box, it can feel a little overwhelming if you haven't used a Mirrix before. What IS all this stuff? Where do I start?

Don't worry! We have you covered!

Now, depending on which loom you purchased, your loom might come with a variety of things. Below is an image of a loom labeled loom with what your loom might come with. There might be more (looms with the shedding device come with four warp coils, Craftsy looms come with heddles) or less, but this should give you a basic idea of what all the parts are called. 

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The "Because the loom you weave on should be a work of art!" Contest!

Do you have a Mirrix Loom? Do you like taking pictures?

We are looking for high-quality images of Mirrix Looms to use on our website, on social media and in marketing material. 

Think: Someone weaving on a Mirrix outside. A Mirrix Loom perched on a table in a beautiful, colorful studio. A Mirrix in use at a coffee shop.

For each image we choose we will give the photographer a $15 Mirrix Looms gift certificate!

Learn more here.

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