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Every December since I can remember a package has arrived for me from my Godmother. It is always filled with gifts so perfectly curated you'd think she peeks at a wish list I don't know myself well enough to write. 

Not all of us are such good gifters, though. I often resort to the hope-someone-tells-me-what-he-or-she-wants-before-it's-too-late method. If you have any gift givers in your life who are a little more like me and less like my Godmother, you might consider helping them out and letting them know that Mirrix is having a sale through Thursday on Loom Accessories. We think a Spencer Treadle or a Bottom Spring Kit would look great wrapped up in shiny paper, tied with a gossamer bow and in your hands this holiday season.

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A Simple Beaded Bracelet using the No warp ends kit!

After having made the simpTle beaded bracelet I realized that it would have been a bit easier to make it with the no warp-ends kit. I whipped out one of my two mini-mirrix looms and warped it up with the kit. I have been using the mini a lot lately. I go through stages but recently I've been weaving so much and in so many different places, including bed, that I find the mini is a must have when I really want something very little in my lap. I have even woven silk strips on it because I don't always use the shedding device when weaving thin silk strips because it's almost as easy not to reach up and change the shedding device. Plus sometimes I just like to needle weave. It's kind of that "slow craft" moment, which I've been having a lot of lately. I digress.

Why the no warp-ends kit for this simple project? It turns out it is easier (and I am out to prove this point) to fold down the ends of the piece and sew them without those pesky warp end knots and ends. I am glad I tried it without the no warp-ends kit first because it's very doable and I don't want you folks who don't have one and don't want to buy the kit excluded from this very fun, very satisfying project. That being said, it's always nice to find an easier way to to do anything. And if you are like me, turning over and sewing ends of things is not your favorite thing to do!

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New Clip Design

If you purchased a Mirrix Loom in the spring of 2015 or later, you may have slightly different wooden clips on your loom than the ones we show in our instructions and promotional material.

Following is all you need to know about the new clips!

First, the new clips have wing-nuts to hold the brass disks to the clip instead of screws. This means you will not need a screwdriver when putting on your shedding device.

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Tapestry Mirrix Loom Accessory Bag

The title sounds like we have a new product but we don't. We have a new suggestion for a product you should make on your Mirrix Loom for you. Just for you. The big season of gift giving is over and now all you makers of wonderful things can think about making something just for you.

First I have to tell you that once again it was a customer who inspired me to think up this idea. He suggested we drill a hole in the wooden clip to hold the tiny wrench because it's one of those things that loves to get lost. And it was a great idea except if you watch the making of a clip video you will see that doing so will involve a whole other step to what are a lot of steps already. And hence it would add cost to the clips . . . well, you know the drill. And then I thought: it's not just the wrench that goes missing. Springs (especially if you own more than one Mirrix) go missing as well. You get this pile of springs and have no idea which loom they belong to. The big wrench falls on the floor and you can't find it just when you need it most. Tapestry needles go for a long walk. So my idea is to weave a tapestry pouch that will velcro to the back of the loom and hold all the items for that loom.

The velcro idea was lifted from my DH. He has velcro tabs stuck all over the cabin of his boat and the coordinating side stuck to very useful items like: cellphone, flashlight, screw driver, etc. The idea is that if you shove these things into one of the zillions of drawers/cabinets found on a boat you will never find them when you most need them (either just because you need them or because if you don't find that screw driver to unstick something on the engine it might just blow up). It works.

Velcro could be stuck vertically (you get the one with a sticky side, not the one you sew on . . . .and trust me this stuff sticks because it's stayed on that boat!) to the left of brass nut on the top beam and on the back. You can make a little extra tab on your tapestry to be the same size as the velcro so it isn't unsightly.

Challenge: will you join me in making a Mirrix Tapestry Accessory Pouch? How many do you need to make? Which translates into: how many Mirrix Looms do you own?

This is by Claudia. And to that end I want to tell you that if I don't identify my posts and you want a clue as to who wrote it: I follow the old fashion rule of double spacing after a period and Elena only spaces once! I can't break the habit.

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Treadle Sale: One Week Only! (Meet Spencer)

I'm Spencer Chase, brother of Mirrix CEO Claudia Chase and designer and engineer of the Spencer Power Treadle.

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Finishing Loom Woven Beadwork Jewelry

It was suggested to me that this is a topic of interest to many bead weavers. I have to confess, I am writing this from the cockpit of a sailboat boat (husband's midlife crisis was to fix up a salvage /wrecked sailboat . . .I think he had fantasies of us selling our house and sailing the world on it, or some such notion, forgetting that I can't fit Mirrix on a boat despite the three little cabinets he reserved for that purpose. What a hoot! In any case, I am putting in my three days.) I only mention this tidbit of personal information because the only loom I have with me (and of course I have a loom with me!) has a tapestry on it which needs another four hours or so to finish and I have no bead supplies here so, in short, I can't take pictures of finishing bead work because I don't have any. I am hoping I can troll the Mirrix website, my photos on this computer and the internet to find some suitable pictures to accompany this piece.

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New Kit in a Basket

Just for fun! We've created a new kit in a basket that is both great for giving to others and to yourself! It includes: lots of beads and hand-painted silk and gold thread and tools and crystals. You can make a variety of fiber and/or bead projects of your own design or following some of the weave-alongs we've already posted in this blog.

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Ask Elena: What do I need to get started?

Hi Elena.

I have been eyeing your looms for a while. I like the 12" loom with the shedding device. I would mostly be making bracelets, maybe belts, small purses also. What else would I need to get me started. I have beads and some fibers. What other accessories would be helpful.

Thanks Lissa


One of the great things about Mirrix Looms is that you can pretty much get started with just the loom, your materials and some basic supplies like a good pair of scissors! The one thing you do need besides a loom if you are using the shedding device is heddles. Heddles connect your shedding device to your warp thread and we do sell them on our website, but they can also be made at home! We have instructions here.

If you do want some extra goodies with your loom, here are a few of our most popular accessories:

Loom Extenders:
If you are interested in making belts, you'll want some loom extenders. The 12" Little Guy Loom can make a piece about 24" long without them, and with them they add two whole feet of weaving length! They can be removed, too, for when you aren't making long pieces.

The Bottom Spring Kit (with springs):
The Mirrix bottom spring kit helps to organize warps at the bottom of a loom, just like the warp coil (spring) at the top. It is useful for wide bead pieces and small-scale tapestry.

The Extra Warping Bar Kit:
The Extra Warping Bar Kit adds a second warping bar to the back of the loom, eliminating warp waste for shorter pieces. Because it also eliminates having a layer of warp on both the front and back of the loom, it allows you to better position your hand for weaving wider pieces with the traditional method of bead weaving. You can learn how to warp with this kit here.

The No Warp-Ends Kit:
The No Warp-Ends Kit allows you to weave beaded pieces without having to finish off the ends. You can see a video about how to warp with this kit here.

Hope that helps you decide what accessories you might be interested in! Thanks for your question!


Do you have a question for Elena? Email and you might just be featured here!

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What is a Shedding Device?

The Mirrix Shedding Device can seem a puzzling contraption to those unfamiliar with weaving. Today, I hope to clear up what a shedding device is and why you might want one.

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New Gold Thread

Just received some gorgeous coppery-colored 14 karat gold thread. I thought it would be fun to mix the gold-gold and the coppery gold and I was correct. The combination is stunning. I have wound some of this onto bobbins. The amount is still 75 yards, but doubled so in fact it's 37 and 1/2 yards of each thread. I think many of you double the gold thread anyway when you use it, so this will make that option easier. If you are interested in purchasing these ($15 for 75 yards or $25 for 150 yards). You can now find it on our online store:

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