Where is Your Mirrix Made? (A Giving Tuesday Story)

Do you know where Mirrix Looms are made? If you answered right here in America, that's correct, but it's only part of the story!

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Made In America!

Mirrix Looms are made in America. They always have been and they always will be. Even if we could multiply our profits a thousand fold by having them produced overseas, we would not for one second consider doing so.This whole being in business thing, besides paying those pesky bills, is about fun and joy and a feeling of accomplishment. For us, in particular, because we are manufacturing an item that is a tool for creativity the joy lies just near the surface. We aren't faking our excitement for this product. We really feel it.

There was a six year period when I was heavily involved in politics (as a three term State Rep. . . . I retired fall of 2010). My time was split up in so many pieces, among Mirrix, the State house, my family. I didn't feel like I did anything really well anymore.

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