The Best Gift for The Crafter in Your Life

During the holiday season (even more than the rest of the year) I spend much of my day emailing with potential customers to help them choose the perfect loom to buy. Some of my favorite interactions are with people looking to buy gifts. I can almost always sense the love the customer has for that lucky person who is about to be gifted a gift that keeps on giving!

Sometimes loved ones need a lot of help. "She mentioned a Mirrix Loom with a shredding device. What does that device shred?" Other times they've done their research and some. "I've downloaded and read through fourteen of your ebooks, and I think I've narrowed it down to three loom sizes."

Maybe I'm a little biased (okay, I'm a lot biased) but I think a Mirrix is the perfect gift for any bead, fiber and/or craft lover in your life and I am happy to help you choose the perfect gift this holiday season. Always feel free to email me directly with your questions!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect gift:

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Buying The Best

Not long ago I bought a new pair of sneakers. They were pretty, but inexpensive. I got them for dog walks, kickboxing classes and the occasional run. I figured I didn't need to spend much since I'm not a very serious athlete. The first time I wore them on a walk I came back in a massive amount of pain. Every other time I wore them it was the same, until I finally just started wearing my old ones again. Recently I finally invested in a good pair of running shoes and I remembered why, in a lot of situations, one should just buy a quality product the first time. 
Sure, often you just can't afford the best (I'm looking at you, $7,000 mattress), but other times (and if you can) it's totally worth it to go for the $120 Nikes. 
Or for the Mirrix. 
I can't tell you how many stories we hear from people who were ready to stop weaving beads or tapestry because their (non-Mirrix) loom just wasn't up to par. 
We also get a lot of questions about why our looms are more expensive than those inferior ones.
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New Loom Images!

A few months ago we had the amazing photographer Jonathan Webb of Photography by Jonathan Webb take all new pictures of our looms. They are finally edited and live on the site!

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Buy a Loom and Get a Chance to Receive $50 Back in Store Credit

Between August 19th and September 1st, for every 15 looms we sell (on we will choose one customer who purchased a loom during that time period to receive a $50 credit to the Mirrix Store.

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Woven Silk and Crystals

If you weave, whatever you weave, you love the materials with which you weave. After all, those materials are the bricks that make your weaving and if those bricks are crumbling and dull, what you weave will embody those traits. Materials that are rich and filled with color and texture and body will make your project sing. Hence, it's no surprise that I get excited when I wield my paint brush over skeins of silk or receive a box of materials in the mail. Admiring that hand-painted silk once it has dried and put on skeins gives me the same feeling as receiving, as I recently did, a box of crystals. The goal is of course to make something worthy of the materials. It doesn't have to be an intensely complicated long-term project. It can be something very simple that elegantly incorporates the gems and threads.

To that end, I made the following two woven projects which I would like to share with you.

Okay, you've seen the hand-painted silk a million times but I am going to post a picture of them anyway. The crystals are new, at least to me. I have frequently used size 4mm fire polish crystals in my work. This is the first time I've used the more delicate size 2mm fire polish crystals. I kept my color choices simple: a couple of versions of gold and just clear crystals.

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The SIZZLING Summer Sale!


The SIZZLING Summer Sale!
August 12th and 13th, 2015

It's hot outside... so stay inside and weave!

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An Introduction to Navajo Weaving

I am going to approach my next subject, Navajo weavings, a little differently. Rather than jump into the history of Navajo weaving, I am going first talk about the weavings themselves and the equipment that was used. In part two of this blog I will talk about the actual history.

Cover of book "The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving" by Steve Gutzwiller

I would guess that anyone reading this blog already has some knowledge about Navajo weavings. Whether you've read about them, seen pictures of them or, if you're lucky, have seen the weavings in person, the term Navajo weaving will bring a very specific image to mind. You will remember the stripes and the patterns, the symmetry, the lack of fringe and the density of the fabric. You might also get an image in your head of the vertical looms which are unique to Navajo weaving. Navajo weavings share certain aspects with other weavings, but they also have distinguishing qualities that set them far apart from all other weavings.

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It's time to GO BIG!


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Customer Feature: Michelle Dixon

Hello, my name is Michele Dixon and I’ve been learning to weave tapestry for the last four years. I actually remember trying to weave tapestry as far back as 1970 on a cardboard loom I made myself. I still have the Leisure Arts books I used to guide me. I didn’t try again until 1975 when I was home with my infant son. I was interested in learning more about Navajo Weaving then so my husband made me a loom. Again, life has a way of not allowing you the time to pursue all of your dreams, so weaving in general was put on hold.
Skip forward to 2009, yep, that long a stretch of time. My husband and I moved to Texas from So. California in 2007 to be near our new granddaughter. I was very fortunate to find a nice group of people interested in weaving. I started taking lessons and learning how to weave cloth. In 2011, my weaving instructor at the time, Letitia Rogers, gave a two day workshop on Rio Grande Weaving and I was hooked. I continued to hone my skills in that style of weaving, but quickly found I wanted more. In 2014, I was lucky enough to sign up for a 3 month online course given by Rebecca Metzoff in Contemporary Weaving. That course changed my life. I fell in love with weaving the way she teaches it and I plan to take more of her online courses as they come available. As workshops come available in my area, I take them, but they are few and far between. Luckily, my original weaving instructor, Letitia Rogers, gave another two day workshop in February of 2015 on weaving the traditional Aubusson way. I enjoyed that workshop also and learned more about building shapes instead of weaving from selvage to selvage as Rebecca Metzoff teaches. However, Rebecca’s weaving style is my preferred weaving style also.
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Let's Talk Looms: Where Do You Weave?

Welcome to our second #letstalklooms Monday!

Let’s Talk Looms is a new blog/social media series by Mirrix Looms. Every Monday we’ll post a new weaving-related discussion topic that we’ll talk about here in the comments on the blog, on Ravelry, Twitter (with hashtag #letstalklooms), Instagram and Facebook!

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Today’s question: Where do you weave?

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