Making a Collar for Sam

This post is by Kim Holowatiuk of Sleepy Holow Leather. Learn more about Kim, her business and her work by reading her customer feature post on our blog here.
The first most asked question I get is why only one “L” in Holow? You miss spelled it! Ha ha! My last name is Holowatiuk so Sleepy Holow Leather is just a play on words! The SECOND most asked question is if can share where I get my bracelet or collar “blanks” from!!! I make everything from scratch starting with a hide of leather. There are no short cuts here!
Here is the basic process of how a dog collar is made. I decided that this had to be a collar for Sam! He is such a cutie and I wanted to make something special for him and Elena and with Elena’s permission and input, I made him a customized collar! 
Editor's Note: Sam is the official Mirrix studio dog. He lives in Seattle, WA with his dad and mom (Mirrix CMO, Elena)
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Weave a Dog Collar

If you're anything like me, you want your dog to have the best of everything; the most nutritious food, the perfect bed and of course the prettiest collar. For most of my dog Sam's life we've used a harness instead of a collar, but his new trainer encouraged us to switch to a collar because harnesses can encourage leash pulling for a extra-energetic dogs like him. I checked out the pet store selection of collars and was pretty sure that we could come up with something much cooler than what is available commercially for my fashionable little canine.

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