Customer Project Feature: Iowa Aerial Map by Kaleigh Everding

In June we asked our community to submit ideas of what they would weave on their Mirrix Loom if they were given some hand-painted silk. We then choose three people to get free silk with which they could try out their ideas. Here is the final project from one of the winners, Kaleigh Everding.

Here was her idea: “I have been contemplating what to start for my next project and I am very interested in working with geometric designs. Everything I have worked on for the past 4 years has been very fluid and curved, so I want to give a try at something new! I have come across some aerial maps of the eastern Iowa countryside where I call home right now. I would use the maps as a guide to create a geometric design and use the silk to blend and define different areas of the final cartoon. In two months, my husband and I will be moving to Utah, so it would be great to weave something that can remind us of where we grew up and met.”

When I read Kaleigh's description I had a picture in my head of what the mid-west looks like from an airplane; blocks of brown and green and fields and houses and barns and swimming pools. The final project is truly a wonderful representation of that image. Her use of color and technique (has there ever been a better use for pick and pick?) is spot-on. I could stare at this for ages (actually, I have been...)

Her pieces was 21" x 13.5" and the silk was used to mark homesteads on the "map".

Here is the final project.

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