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Greetings Weaving Friends!

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My friend posted a picture of her grandmother on Facebook. They are Diné (Navajo) and her grandmother is a master weaver. "Margaret Dalton, 91 years old born back in 1923, of Ft. Defiance, Arizona had completed this rug back in the 1950s in time for the opening of Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise in 1961. The rug pictured is actually folded over 4 times in order to hang properly on the wall. It is made of natural dye and woven in the form of a geometric design. The rug measures over 150 feet by 50 feet in width." (see the source link above).

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Lemko Tapestry - Weaving and Forgiveness

Greetings Weaving Friends!!!

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A Mini Tutorial - Hemp and Button Clasp

If you can tie your shoes, you can make this clasp!


Greetings Weaving Friends!!! As promised, I am posting the instructions for the macrame finishing of my Magical Mosaic Cuff. You can do this using a simple square knot. It really isn't difficult. As I have mentioned before, experimenting with 20 lb hemp warp cords was fun and rewarding. Visible and bold warps are a colorful way to add another dimension to your bead weaving on the loom. The durability, lack of stretch, and array of colors makes hemp a very nice scaffold for heavy beads and the large button. (If you are looking for a source for hemp click here). Czech glass buttons are a stunning way to accent your bracelet - and functional as well. (Here's a source for my buttons).

In pictures, here's what you do to create the clasp….

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Color Work - Magical Mosaic Continued


Now that I have got a pattern that I like, I can employ a variety of beads and fibers to create all kinds of variations. Here I wanted to work with 2 colors of tile beads and no stud/ pyramids. With texture, placement and size relationships set, I can bring all my focus to the interplay of color. While a spool of hemp and strands of beads may look great together in my hand, this does not guarantee a pleasing look on the loom. Using the Big Sister loom, I was able to set up 2 contrasting samplers to work out the color for my Spring Blossom (pink and green) color way - seen in final form above.

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Over The Hump with Hemp


Greetings Weaving Friends! I have had a difficult time with "re-entry" after my knee surgery. No matter what I did, I was very tired all the time. I tried resting, pushing myself, smiling a lot and pretending I was fine, letting myself feel everything and even crying too. I was the dreaded…."Unproductive". It wouldn't go away! I stopped in at my shop for an hour or two here and there and was simply overwhelmed. I wondered if I would ever feel "normal" again. Even as my knee improved…I got out of bed, then off crutches, then walking with a normal gait, then not in pain all the time…My life seemed to be more difficult to manage. But slowly, the real me has been re-emerging. My life seems to be coming back on track. I guess I am "over the hump".

And guess what….I am back at the loom!

While I was on leave, we started carrying hemp cord at Poppyfield Bead Company (my bead shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico). I have never worked with it before and on one of my post-op visits to my shop it captured my attention. I like mixing opposing elements, and I wondered how the the natural organic texture could blend and contrast with elegant glass beads. In keeping with some skills I picked up during my last experiment (see post), I decided to warp with hemp cord and weave a combination of two-holed Czech beads, hexagonal delica seed beads, and fire polish beads.

Working with a variety of sizes of beads can be tricky. It took me several attempts to figure out how to keep the sections aligned. Two 3 mm fire polished beads should combine to take as much as space as a 6 mm bead. But there are other factors that come into play, and they don't. So being flexible and willing to "undo" and make adjustments is key getting the "mosaic" look I wanted.

Finishing this will be the next challenge. Stay tuned!


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Free Form Experiment by Julia L. Hecht

Experimenting with 2 holed beads Free form style
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Cubist's Delight


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Bit By Bit

Color Sampler
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Vacation Happens by Julia L. Hecht - Social Market for a Mirrix 2014

Embellished Loom work by Erin Simonetti
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Deco Diamonds by Julia L. Hecht - Social Market for a Mirrix 2014

Deco Diamonds
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