How to Make Heddles for Your Mirrix Loom

While many Mirrix customers choose to purchase our Swedish-made Texsolv heddles for use with a Mirrix Loom with a shedding device, you can also make your own reusable heddles. 

First, what's a heddle? A heddle attaches your shedding device to your warp threads. They are used only when weaving tapestry and bead weaving WITH the shedding device. You will need to make as many individual heddles as there will be warps in your weaving.

What material should be used to make heddles? The thinner and stronger the string you use, the better. For bead weavers, cotton quilting or beading thread works great. For tapestry weavers, cotton crochet thread, linen warp or single-ply cotton warp works well.

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Tax Day Sale!

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It's Tax Day today! Normally taxes are due on the 15th, but because the 16th is Emancipation Day in Washington DC, public employees get the 15th (the closest weekday to the 16th) off of work. For Americans, this means a couple more days to get our taxes done!

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Heddle Troubleshooting for Tapestry Weaving)

Heddles attach your shedding device (which raises and lowers warp threads) to your warp. We sell pre-made Texsolv heddles, but you can also make your own. You can learn more about heddles and the Mirrix shedding device here

The concept of putting on heddles is fairly straightforward, but there are a lot of chances to make mistakes when putting them on. It is important to pay attention to what you are doing and keep checking to make sure you aren't making mistakes, as one mistake can make it so your shedding device does not work properly. 

Heddles go on every-other warp thread on the top of your shedding device and then the shedding device is flipped over and heddles are put on the warp threads that do not have heddles (again, going on every other heddle.) 

Below we've gone over some common mistakes people make when putting on heddles. 

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To shed or not to shed

Sometimes you just want to weave slowly, picking warp threads with a needle as you go. For very thin pieces, this works just fine. It can be very meditative.

But most of the time, when weaving tapestry, picking each warp as you go can get tedious and very time consuming, especially with wider pieces. For this reason, even the very first Mirrix Loom was designed with a shedding device. The word "shedding device" is derived from the word "shed" which means the space between lowered and raised warps. It raises the threads for you so rather than have to weave under and over warp threads with a needle, you can simply engage the shedding device and raise every other thread all at once. The shedding device is attached to the warp threads with heddles, which wrap around the individual warp threads and are hooked onto one of the two bars on the shedding device.

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Those Pesky Heddles

For many, putting heddles on the loom (heddles connect your warp to your shedding device) is the most challenging part of warping simply because it's easy to make a mistake. Even after warping and heddling many, many looms, I still make my fair share of mistakes.

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