Hatching: Your Tapestry Lightbulb Moment

The first time I felt like I was really beginning to understand tapestry was while practicing hatching. This technique is when more than one weft thread travels into the horizontal space of another, creating layers of interchanging weft threads.

Hatching is great for blending colors and is a good technique for beginners to help them to understand how warp and weft relate in tapestry weaving. 

In the picture here, the top part of the weaving (the blue green and purple) is hatching. 

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My Favorite Tapestry Technique: Guest Post by Rebecca Mezoff

This is a guest post by Rebecca Mezoff

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that I teach a lot of things about tapestry. There are times when I want to weave something insanely complicated. If I actually let this wish get the better of me, I might end up feeling like this.

Molly McNeece, Cousin Trapped, pen and ink, watercolor

When this happens, I go back to some old tried and true tricks. My favorite is regular hatching. If you've had a class from me, you've probably tried this technique. I used it in the spirals in many of my Emergence pieces and sometimes I just weave it on a sampler to calm down a little bit, dork dedicated practitioner that I am.

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