Customer Story: Lora Negrito

It's hard not to be impressed by large bead weavings, and Lora Negrito's work is certainly no exception. I was curious about Lora's process when weaving a large piece. This is what she said:
"My process is not that different from the smaller, bracelet pieces that you demonstrate in your videos. The difference, of course, is that the process is repeated 100 times more. Most of my pieces were "smaller," and therefore, I used the traditional method of weaving. But for the larger pieces, the shedding device is essential, giving more strength to the finished piece."

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Lora's loom warped, before putting on the shedding device.
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Customer Story: Richard "Ric" Harber

My favorite part of working at Mirrix is seeing what customers make on our looms. From fun mixed-media pieces to amazing tapestries, I'm continually impressed with the quality of work that each of you create. Today I am excited to share the story and work of one artist whose work I've admired for some time, Richard "Ric" Harber. 
Name:  Richard "Ric" Harber
Home:  Tulsa, Oklahoma
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