Secret Project Update

I was hoping my 'secret project' would go much faster than this. It probably would if I committed to only 'it' in a weeks time. I just finished the second panel last night. That means I have two to go and I am halfway there. Hoping to have another one done next week, but found myself on the phone yesterday and other beadwork was added to 'do now' list. I should be a professional juggler LOL

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Secret Project 1st Panel

Today I finished the first panel of 4. In all it probably took 3-4 days to complete. Now I have to make 3 more ;) I am hoping to have this secret project ready for reveal in 2 weeks, so bear with me as I go through the process. I promise you are all going to love the finished piece.

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Small Progress

Here it is the middle of the night. I haven't had lots of time this past week to work on the surprise piece I am working I have started, but I will have lots of time in a few more days and it is going to be all about this project! I have a half a panel done so far. It seems to take me about a day and a half for half a panel. It was moving slower than I had anticipated the 2 solid days I worked on it. I am still excited though because this is going to be different. Here is what I have so far. The threads hanging on the left are the start and finish threads. I usually weave them in when I am all done looming a piece.

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Secret Project

Finally, I am happy to say I started the 'secret project' today. Thrilled to get it underway, but as I started a bit on the loom I realized this was quite the undertaking. I think it is going to take me longer to loom than I thought. We'll see ;) That being said, the design below, with your input, is the one I decided on.

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Loomed Barrette

Hi everyone! I finished the barrette I had started last week and I have images for you on how I finished the piece. I was going to do fringe, but decided I shouldn't because the barrette is wide as it is. If I had been thinking more clearly when I designed it, I would have shortened the actual barrette in width and widened the image to make the image as part of the fringe. Hind sight = 20/20 LOL Something for you all to think about in the event you want to make a barrette.

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After last week's post, I was feeling gun-shy about looming. I really don't enjoy making mistakes and I am also good at beating myself up over them. I picked myself up by the boot straps today and literally had to make myself get back in the saddle. Knowing I am ordering my beads for the big project tomorrow, I have to make something small for now. I opened the bead program with a barrette in mind. After many attempts at using a fabric image in the program, I finally settled on one I liked. Summery and floral.

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Trial & Error

Every once in a while an idea doesn't pan out. I have been thinking hard about what to do with the split loom piece I made and wanted to try something different. I think I may have messed up the piece when I took it off the loom and take it on vacation with me before I finished it. This is very sad to me after all the work. Now I will not be able to see if my idea works out, at least not any time soon. After much handling and being toted about gently here and there while on our Oklahoma trip, the piece decided to bunch together a bit in places and crowd itself. When I took it off the loom, it was beautiful, flat and not bunched anywhere. I tried to fix that, but it has not worked out very well.

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Embroidered Split Loom Necklace

Hi everyone! I am back from my trip to Oklahoma and ready to blog again. Thank you all for your patience while I took some time off.

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Split Loom Necklace-WIP

After several redesigns from my last post, the remake I came up with, I was finally happy with. Thursday morning of this past week, I found a moment to warp the loom. I was very precise and accurate this time, as I didn't have time constraints. I decided to do this split loom in round Miyuki beads, instead of Delica beads. I have done 2 split loom pieces before and one was Czech seed beads and the next one was Delicas, so I thought I would try Miyuki rounds this time, and quite glad I did! The loomed bead 'fabric' feels absolutely luscious in my hand. It is super soft and beautifully supple.

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Ex Libris Bag

I finally finished my first loomwork project for Social market for a Mirrix. Yay! The finishing process was a lot of work, but I am quite pleased with the results.

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