Which Mirrix Loom Would I Choose?

As we were putting together our holiday gift guide I realized that I have never been gifted a loom. I am sure there are a lot of reasons contributing to that, not the least of them (during the last twenty years) being the fact that giving me a loom would be like bringing coals to New Castle, as my Dad would say.

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The Joy of Giving (and Receiving) Handmade

Last week I spent a few days in Minnesota visiting a friend who just had her first baby. It was a great trip, although I did come back with my biological clock in overdrive (ah! babies!). Also, Minnesota is quite a bit colder than Seattle. It's funny how fast you become used to the climate where you live. Coming from NH, you'd think I'd be able to handle some negative degree weather... but no. I'll take rain over cold any day!

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Holiday Hints!

Some of us are blessed with friends and family who just know how to choose the perfect gift. They are savvy at picking up on subtle hints and know exactly what you like. A few years ago a good friend of mine, in his early-to-mid-20s at the time, bought his wife a Mirrix Loom. I remember thinking how sweet it was that he, on his own, came up with the idea, knowing her passion for crafting. But not everyone is as punctilious as my friend. Some husbands need a little hint, some friends are still looking for the perfect crafty gift for their best friend who has everything and some moms don't know their son's passion for Mirrix products.

This is where our third-annual holiday hints program comes in! Fill out the form below with what Mirrix-item you'd like this holiday season and, on Friday December 13th, we'll email the person you specify and give them a little hint about what you'd really like this holiday season!

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