Gift Buying Guide for the Tapestry/Bead Weaver in Your Life

The Mirrix loom is different from most other looms because it can be used for a variety of mediums. I originally designed it to be a tapestry loom but it was not long before I realized it would also make a fantastic bead loom. Eventually, we realized it would work for weaving rags, knotting rugs (both soumack and rya knotting) and a whole host of other techniques that require a sturdy upright loom with great tension. Since my background is more tapestry than beads (although I have fallen in love with beads) I wanted to figure out how to combine them on the Mirrix loom. The results have been very satisfying. From the Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit to The Holiday Lights Bracelet kit, we have created kits to satisfy your obesession for both fiber and beads.

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What Can You Create With Hand-Painted Silk? (Part 2)

Earlier this year we had a little contest where we asked customers to come up with ideas for Mirrix-woven pieces incorporating our hand-painted silk. We then chose two people to whom we gave free silk to go forward with their ideas. We were blown away by the incredible pieces our winners Julie and Debbie made and we've decided to run the same contest again.

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New Free Mini Heart Tapestry Wall-Hanging Ebook!

Can you imagine where you'd hang this gorgeous mini heart tapestry wall-hanging?

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This post is inspired by a comment to the last post by "Andy." Andy and I met in college. We shared a room (poor Andy!). At that time I was a wannabe weaver. Yes, I had woven a scarf and a few other random things on a rigid heddle loom by the time I hit freshman year. I had also done some needlepoint. But I was lacking good tools, good materials and, most of all, guidance. It was a weird period in time in relationship to fiber art. We were past the point where a mother routinely passed on all the skills she learned from her mother to her daughter. They were no longer important. I did not know one girl who learned how to form perfect letters with thread on a sampler. Those things were seen in history museums under glass. It's what girls did in another time, another century even, sitting in front of a fireplace making lace for her sister's wedding gown or making a sampler to learn how to correctly use a needle. I suppose someone my age somewhere was learning how to knit or crochet but I didn't know her and I don't remember anyone wearing a sweater she had knit. Although, I do remember that my mother knit three adorable red sweaters for each of her three little kids. Each had our initials sewn onto it. And yes, they were lovely. And since I was the youngest I ended up wearing the other two sweaters as my brother and sister our grew them. My initials went from CAC to WSC to PEC. My grandmother knit a beautiful afghan that lived on our couch for as long as I can remember. We must all have memories of a hand knitted afghan covering the back of the couch. Now my couch is decorated with my hand knitted afghan, but I don't think it's now a common sight.

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